Saturday, January 2, 2010

CMD of banks should be away from flatterers

• Why officers and employees are not transferred out from the Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai etc. and on the contrary employees of states like Orrisa, Bihar, and Jharkhand are frequently transferred out of their states even violating transfer policies?

• Why some officers are always given rural posting whereas some other officers are even promoted without rural posting violating government guidelines in this regard?

• Why some officers are allowed to work in their Metro towns for decades whereas officers of other small towns and villages are to change their place of working every year or alternate year without any incentive or compensation?

• Is there no punishment for those executives who indulge in corrupt practices and resort to whimsical transfers to keep away all employees who may prove hurdle in their money making process?

• Why RBI remains silent spectator of ill-motivated CEOs of banks and allows the malady in banks to accumulate?

• It is worthwhile to mention here that unhappy lot of employees cannot think for and make efforts to keep bank healthy?

• Is human resource not capital in real sense in Banking Industry and for some VIP CEOs of Bank?

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