Saturday, December 4, 2010

Stop flattery Culture

CBI website is hacked by Pakistan. Defense secrets are leaked. Fake notes are printed in Pakistan. Senior officers are selling Indian secrets to enemy of the country. Top ranked officers of Banks in India are receiving bribe for lending to private companies. IT officials are getting huge bribe to teach the tips of evasion of Income Tax. CAs and rating agencies are selling their signatures. Ministers are indulged in 2G spectrum scam involving lacs of crores of rupees, Ministers are alleged of corruption in Common wealth Game, IPL games, Stamp scam, UTI scam, defense deal and what not. Bad assets in banks are increasing year after year. Network of Maoist have spread to every corner f the country. Any many more such activities are carried out by corrupt team of workers in all offices .

Nothing can be safe until corrupt team of flatterers yesmen is thrown in deep sea and a new energetic team of devoted patriot is substituted in their place. Everywhere people are selling their powerful signature and there is none to stop them. Even CBI, CVC or anti corruption bureau or you can say in brief that all regulating, monitoring and preventive agencies are manned by corrupt officials. Who will then bell the cat?

Saddest part of Indian story is that India does not have adequate stock of talented and honest manpower who can be chosen for responsible posts. This is why Mr. Thomas with blemish record and tainted profile continues as CVC. Bank officials with tainted image are made as CMD or ED of a bank. When CMD or ED of a bank is of corrupt nature he will allow General Managers, if GMs are corrupt they will allow corrupt DGMs to continue their corrupt habits of earning bribe in lending and contract work and so on upto field level.

Until India learns to punish top officers, there may not be good persons around top officials. All corrupt officials prefer keeping corrupt team of staff around him. As such flattery culture develops and people enjoy taking bribe. Even inquiry officials, police officials, judicial officials or regulating officials are victim of same disease.

And it is they who say system is bad. Sab Kuch chalta hai.

It is corrupt team of top ranked officials who torture honest people and humiliate officers who try to follow laws of the land. This is the root cause that honest people do not join politics and they are always found to be placed and rotting in isolated and remote corners of the administration.

I therefore feel that India should ban all speeches, public meeting, inaugural functions, annual functions, anniversary related functions, welcome arrangement for high profile dignitaries which creates scope for promotion of promotion and yesmanism. Delegated powers vested in top officials to choose their person of their own choice should be minimum and transparent. Promotions based on Interview should be banned in all offices, banks and PSU s which give ample scope to interviewers for choosing flatterers and rejecting honest and devoted workers. Each and every one should be given an opportunity as per seniority to prove his capability and if found non performer he or she may be downgraded. There should be immediate ban on all whimsical transfers and arbitrary promotion of officers. Honest officers who have been isolated must be brought back to mainstream to demonstrate that government of India wish to cure the cancer of corruption.

This should be done by promulgating an ordinance so that spread of flattery culture is minimized. Rather all those officers who have been ignored in promotion process and juniors are superseded in the past should be promoted and juniors who have been promoted by corrupt team of interviewers should be downgraded. Only such harsh action can demonstrate that management of any organization is really interested to do justice to his workers. If workers are given justice they will do the justice for the organization.

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