Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Congress Party or Scam Party

India has always been best in planning but worst in its execution.

GDP growth calculated by experts do not speak about happiness level of common men, keeping aside high profile families which constitutes hardly five percent of India's population.

India grows means happiness of Indians should grow.

GDP rises means standard of living of Indians should rise.

But the bitter truth of Indians is far far away from happiness and no where it reflects the real growth as revealed by various financial data published by RBI and other various departments and as claimed by ruling party every now and then.

If Manmohan Singh is clean but his other friends are looters, corrupt and committing nonsensical acts, how can Manmohan Singh feel proud for GDP growth?

If Manmohan Singh’s policy of reformation has produced 2G scam, CWG scam and many more devastating scams only during his tenure of Prime Minister and tarnished the image of the country worldwide, who is responsible for it?

Is it BJP or RSS?

It is one and only Manmohan Singh who is responsible and who has completely failed in giving an effective administration to the country and his principles of economics has absolutely failed in keeping common men happy.

Economic of Manmohan Singh has also completely failed and this is why price rise and inflation has gone beyond the control of the UPA government.

Administrative capacity of Manmohan Singh has proved ineffective because during his tenure Congress Party has become Scam Party.

Politics of Manmohan Singh has failed because during his regime network of Naxals and Maoists have assumed dangerous proportion and become another version of terrorism.

Parliamentary Democracy has failed during his tenure because MPs has given least time on debate and discussion on critical issues India is facing and given maximum time in putting all blames on BJP and RSS for the failure of the government.

Slogan of secularism has been proved hollow by recent survey which has come to conclusion that Congress Party has become a party of Muslims only.

Draft of Lok Pal framed by government proves that there is no will to punish corrupt persons but to punish who complains against corrupt persons. Recent example is of brutal attack on Satyagrahis during midnight on 4th June at Ramlila ground in Delhi.

Besides Government has advised all ministries to trap Ramdeo Baba and Anna Hazare and their team by hook or by crook so that their movement against black money and corruption is punctured.

No such action has ever taken against Hasan Ali and other proven tax evaders.

No such action has ever been taken against defaulters of tax payment , defaulters of bank loan repayment and defaulters of other government dues during last ,mafias and money extortionists who have made the lives of common men miserable and so on -----------

Please read comparative study of tow versions of Lok Pal Bill which is collected from some other website to enlighten elaborately the pros and cons of Jan Lokpal Bill draft proposed by civil society members .

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