Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Delay may prove Disasterous

Anna has backing of crores of people of India. But MPs of all parties hesitate to listen to what he and his team is saying, they (parliament) may act but not before it is too late. Member of Parliament in general have ego and hence do not want to mix up with team Anna. Right to recall will be the appropriate answer to those MPs who completely forget the voters and who are busy in only earning ill-legal money and accumulate wealth. Party are calculating their winning probabilities but not serious on elimination of corruption.

It is unfortunate that even leaders of opposition parties are not clear on the issue. Many MP have not even gone through the bill which is a hot issue for debate in every nook and corner of the country. Most of MPs work and act as sheep, blindly follow party line, they speak the language of their mentors, and not at all act and speak their views keeping in view what is needed for the nation. They express their desire to fight out corrupt people from the system but do not want a hard and effective act to punish corrupt person. Most of Members of Parliament who talk of democracy and talk of debate and discussion have not even gone through the contents of government Lokpal Bill and Team Anna’s Jan Lokpal Bill. Can they not sit day and night in Parliament to discuss every point of disputed Lokpal and come to consensus draft?

Points of dispute are whether Prime Minister, judiciary, CBI or low level staff should be within the ambit of Lokpal. I am of clear cut view that CBI, Judiciary, Prime minister and all government staff should be under the jurisdiction of Lokpal Bill. There must be check and balances against all action of Lokpal, Judiciary, CBI and all other monitoring and law enforcing agencies. Fear must be created in the minds of evil doers, corrupt persons and all those who misuse their power. Mere creation of power will be enough to inculcate discipline and hones culture. Honesty must be awarded and dishonesty must be punished to ensure healthy tradition all walks of life.

However to avoid unnecessary loss of time of valued PM, valued CBI personnel, investigating personnel, auditors, inquiry officers, valued Judges and valued staff and unnecessary harassment to such valued officials there must be some special provisions to avoid action by lokpal on such complains which have no significance or less value or no chance of becoming harmful. There must be quick and strict action on complains of such nature which may have serious repercussion. All cases referred to Lokpal must be heard properly by active members of Lokpal and if prima facie merit is found in complaint lodged with it, then only proceedings should be started against person like PM, judges and other valued dignitaries.

2G scam or CWG scam could have been prevented in its initial stage and crores of rupees could have been added to government exchequer, had Lokpal been in existence..It is only due to the fact that criminal do not fear law and law enforcing agencies they commit crime after crime and who either bribe or challenge official s to bring them into their fold.

I salute Mr Nitish Kumar Chief Minister of Bihar who has been slowly and silently moving in direction of making of strong lokpal in the state of Bihar and who has been marching ahead of all other state even in the matter of development and good governance.

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