Saturday, November 5, 2011

Hathi Chale Bazar

HAATHI CHALE BAZAR, KUTTE BHONKE HAZAAR ----At present the situation in our country is entirely different ----Kutta Bhunke ek, Garzan kare hazaro hanthi-------------- I am unhappy to observe that members of Team Anna, Ramdeo Baba and his followers are giving unwarranted reaction / response on the barking of one Dog let loose willfully by ruling party to weaken movements launched by various forum and organization against their misdeeds, against corruption, against black money and against unprecedented price rise.

It is unfortunate that One Dog is barking all the time on all issues and against all right thinking people and diverting the mind of all media men and India loving citizen from burning national issues to totally irrelevant and non Issues. I condemn media men who try to focus the mind of views on non Issues and dilute the intensity of movement launched against black money, corruption, price rise etc.

I appeal to all who are supporters of fight against corruption and black money and those who are followers of Team Anna and Ramdeo or Guru Ravi Shankar should avoid responding on statement made by barking Dog. Rather I appeal to member of all these forums to shed their personal differences and personal ego and come together to fight against the corrupt system jointly. Please do not common against each other to become victim of ruling party which is bent upon ruling the country by adopting the policy of “Divide and Rule”

If ruling party can peep into past of Ramdeo Baba and member of Team Anna to puncture their movement , why not members of Team Anna and Ramdeo Baba spread all over the country discover the evil works and crime committed by important members of ruling party silently and expose them.

We should stop fighting in past and try to involve in healthy discussion on current issues. Everyone is Khira Chor, it does not mean that Hira chor should be exonerated from his guilt and doors of courts and that of police station should be closed for all.
“Chori upar Sina Chori” is possible by ruling party only because we are divided on various points like caste, community, region, religion and personal egos as mentioned above.
Ravan ka Badh karna hai to Ram aur Ram ki Sena ko chalaki se yudh karna hoga.

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