Monday, December 12, 2011

Why people do not revolt against corruption?

This refers to the opinion expressed by Mr. Swaraj Paul NRI whether foreign investment in India will go down if India do not respect and accept nuclear deal. It is absolutely true and bitter fact that as long as India's large portion of population is suffering from acute poverty and poor education one cannot imagine success of democracy.

People need basic needs of their survival first. They need adequate food, place to live in, pure water, electricity, healthy environment to survive and not nuclear deal. Majority of roads are broken in small towns, cities and in villages there is practically no road at all. In most of the government departments there is culture of bribery from top to bottom and there is practically no say for poor. None listens to the demands of the poor. Police officers and even simple constables try to harass and exploit poor. In schools in villages there is no education at all. Government may release fund for free meals for children reading in schools (on papers) to attract poor children in schools but there is no improvement in the quality of education there at all. Villagers are without education even now. There is practically no medical facility in villages. Doctors do not like to sit in government hospital due to poor administration and paucity of proper medicines, infrastructures and support from other related agencies.

It is therefore undoubtedly and unbeatable fact that majority of our population are not enjoying fruits of democracy or freedom. As a consequence they are motivated by anti-social elements to take the route of crime. They are unable to test the benefits of economic liberalization and reformation.

They are hardly bothered of Nuclear Deal. They are least concerned whether they get quota or not. They are unaware whether foreign reserves or industrial output is growing or not. They do not understand the meaning of inflation. They understand Roti, Kapra , Makan , Bijli-Pani-Safai and Pucca road which are basic needs for leading a happy life.

They do not enjoy ATM, Mobile or Internet. They enjoy simple natural scenes. As such deal or no deal in nuclear matter, foreign investment rises or falls, Babri Masjid falls or Ayodhya temple built in Ayodhya are not at all concerns of the mass population.

And if Indian has to prosper it is they whose care has to be taken on priority .Retail Mart culture or Big Malls are ornaments for rich people but for villages they are curse because they are being isolated from mainstream. Gap between rich and poor is widening. Rich people are growing richer and poor people growing poorer day by day.

Social harmony and peace are in danger and need proper and immediate diagnosis to stop the situation taking the worst turn. Otherwise Mr. Swaraj Paul has rightly told that it is a time bomb which can explode anytime. Political parties even have not understood the implication and complications of the nuclear deal, how will the general mass will understand and after all it is not their immediate concern.

Dirty politics perpetuated by politicians for their vested interest has become a matter of concern for all and it will not be astonishing when they become the real target of militants and terrorists.

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