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Be Positive on Corrupt Government

One bad mango can spoil hundred good mangoes kept in a basket but one good mango cannot make 100 bad mangoes good.

Few MPs with criminal background sitting in Parliament can build pressure on hundred good Members of Parliament to back a wrong proposal and protest a right proposal. One good MP like Manmohan Singh could not motivate bad MPs to follow religious path.

A few mafia elements can force any department or organization to accept his line of action, to accept his tender, to pass his improper bill, to transfer a good officer to bad place and what not. But an honest and devoted worker cannot motivate and force his boss to stop his ill-motivated act and think for welfare of the country, for welfare of people of India and for honest following of laid down policies.

A few flatterer of boss can manage action against good officer but a few good officer cannot manage removal of bad officer.

Criminals, Naxals, hijackers, kidnappers,looters,money powers,rioteers,disturbance creators, agitation leaders etc can force the government to accede to their illegal demands like release of their colleagues from jail but hundreds of good and devoted nationalist cannot force the government to have dialogue with them for the development and for good image of the country.

Email from a terrorist will be responded immediately but hundreds of email from aggrieved citizen sent to various departments will never be attended.

Good people adopt good means to achieve their religious goal for upliftment of the society and mostly fail but bad people resort to illegal ways and use banned means and tools to ensure that their evil task is accomplished in comfortable manner.

Chief Minister, Prime Minister, Member of state Assemblies and Members of Parliament and politicians spends thousands of hours and deliver good speech on the eve of election to attract voters in their fold but they seldom get time to listen to the grievance of the voters who elected them to power.

Governors of states and President of India and all departments of government have provided system of lodgement of complains online and every department have a well set mechanism to redress the grievance of the common men. But unfortunately they are mostly ineffective and none of such authorities have time to attend to such complains

Government has time to prosecute Ramdeo, Anna Hazare, Kejriwal and all talk of clean India and who are making effort to make India corruption free, but unfortunately same government do not have time to hundreds of cases related to fraud and corruption involving hundreds and thousands of crores of rupees.

Few of my friends tell that I am negative minded, there are good people in all offices as also in Parliament.They further plead that Ramdeo or Kejriwal should not put blame on Parliament even advocate of privilege motion against Ramdeo and Kejriwal. These positive minded person say that we should keep our faith on good MPs who think for the country or good officers sitting in other offices.

But my negative mind is of the view that until evil elements are not wiped out from the system , no one can dream of any change .I therefore reiterate that "One bad mango can spoil hundred good mangoes kept in a basket but one good mango cannot make 100 bad mangoes good."

I am surprised that even person like Abdul Kalam once told that if Jan Lokpal is passed every Indian will be in jail or you may that jail will be crowded. I am happy that at least he also believes that number of corrupt persons and criminals are more. 

But at the same time I would like to humbly submit before him that once the fear of law and fear of punishment is created by establishment of strong Jan Lokpal , no one will dare commit crime or dare to be corrupt or dare delay in attending public services. I have come across many IAS and IPS officers who are so much effective that criminals and evil doers leave the district before the news of posting of such officials in the district materialises.

The day government is able to create impression among common men that all guilty will be punished in quickest span of time and police will not torture good citizen , graph of crime in India will sharply come down and jail instead of being crowded remain empty.

It is only because people do not have faith on police and Indian judiciary they do not expect justice and prefer tolerating all injustices silently .It is bitter truth that criminals and evil doers do not have any fear of law and law enforcing agencies that the graph of crime is going up and up .

Lokpal will only fill the jails: Kalam
Ranchi, May 01, 2012

Expressing doubts whether creation of Lokpal will put a lid on corruption completely, former president APJ Abdul Kalam on Tuesday said Lokpal would only fill up jails and children and youth could begin eradicating corruption from home.

What Lokpal will do is if it finds anybody guilty it will put them in jail and jails will be filled up. What we want is nobody should go to jail ... as we want good human beings," Kalam said while interacting with children in Ranchi.

Mon, 30 Apr 2012 19:39:30 GMT

Misgoverance, corruption bring India down in geopolitical index

Mumbai: Afflicted by misgovernance and corruption, India's global clout has waned over the past year but could swing back if the economy regains its growth trajectory, says a geopolitical power index (GPI) report by an independent Mumbai-based think tank.
India slipped from fourth to sixth place in the report compared to July-December 2011, owing to misgovernance and corruption, said the GPI report, a biannual index by Global Intelligence Review using a mathematical model to analyse parameters ranging from economy and governance to military and innovations.

"India's global clout has waned over the past year on account of misgovernance and corruption. But with the economy likely to regain its growth trajectory in the second half of 2012, the geopolitical momentum could swing back in India's favour," said Minhaz Merchant, author of the report that is available with IANS.

The report measured both the ability and potential of ten most influential countries - the US, China, Germany, Britain, Brazil, India, France, Russia, Japan and South Africa - on a scale of 0-10 across 11 parameters during January-June 2012.

According to the report, political uncertainty, stalled economic reforms and the prospect of a hung parliament in the next Lok Sabha election have diminished India's ability to punch at its geopolitical weight.------------------------------------

‘Corruption, crime, caste system ruining India’

Chikmagalur, May 3 2012, DHNS:
Justice Patil calls upon elected representatives to know their duties
Corruption, crime and caste systems are haunting our nation like ghosts. The nation cannot progress unless and until we destroy these evils and this great task of destroying these evils has to be done only by the youth of this nation, said Supreme Court former judge Shivraj V Patil. 
Speaking after inaugurating the convocation programme Shivraj V Patil targeting the elected representatives said that they should remember that they have come to power only due to the people and it is their duty to serve the people.

“Only when the President to Panchayat members understand this, Corruption can be curbed,” he said adding that each and every citizen of the country should introspect and question themselves as to what they have given back to the nation so far.

He called upon the students to live in today, which is a reality and work hard for future success.

Speaking on educational scenario existing in the country, he said that investment on education can never be a waste. 

“Development of the nation depends a lot on education,” he said. Stressing on the importance of private run education institutions he said that the standard of education in the country has undoubtedly increased due to the competition between the private run educational institutions. Taking AIT College as an example, he said, “with the combination of good administrators, committed staff members, motivating parents and disciplined students, education institution can find success.”

He said that student life is very valuable because it is during this phase of life that individuals learn a lot, not only about academics but also about various aspects of life.

“Wasting time during this golden phase will do good to none. With hard work, sincerity and humanity they can grow as great personalities one day,” he added. Karnataka State Open University Chancellor Prof K S Rangappa said that technical education has been playing great role in the
development of the nation. 

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