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CVC Recovers More Than Rs.1000 crore In Tax Evasion

Chief Vigilance Commissioner or Chief Vigilance Officers working in various offices can detect many times more than Rs.1000 crore every year provided they are completely honest, provided they do not work  under the pressure of Ministers and powerful politicians and they do no fear transfer s and rejection in promotion processes.

Unfortunately majority of CVOs working in various departments and PSUs are themselves corrupt and hence they fail to take any innovative step to stop corruption and punish corrupt officials. It is painful but not surprising that they close the files related to charges of corruption against an officer after taking gift or bribe or in greed of promotion or in fear of transfer to critical places.

This is the reason that banks had to loss more than Rs.13000 crore of rupees in fraud during last three years and created more than Rs.200000 crore worth bad assets and concealed more than Rs. ten lac crores worth bad assets in the name of restructuring. Lacs of Crores of rupees are lost in tax evasion every year by Government of India due to corrupt Income Tax officials who work mostly for the benefit of tax assessees than for GOI. It is these officials who guide businessmen how to save money by tax evasion. Custom officials help exporters and importers to remit black money to foreign banks and in getting back money in India from other channels.

It will not an exaggeration to say that every government office works and smoothly works only when a person pay the bribe in one form or the other. Not only this majority of recruitment ,transfers ,postings and promotion taking place in India are decided not only  on the basis of requirement or merit of the candidate or quality of work performed by an employee but based on how much expertise he or she has developed in flattery and how much clever he or she is earning bribe and sharing the same honestly with his or her bosses.

Officers who are ideally and blind yesmen of bosses and political leaders of this country are only considered positive minded and real performers in the yes of gang of corrupt officers and corrupt politicians ruling this country.

Unfortunately CVC and CVOs remain silent spectators of all these evil activities and this is the key reason why in our country graph of crime and corruption is going up and up every year. And this is why common men has no faith in the government or on any of its offices and do not expect justice from the system.Those who flatter only win the game of life.

Neither politicians nor working officials are reliable. Even judges are of the same feather. When the origin (political class forming government) from when Ganga emanates is polluted, one cannot expect of pure water anywhere down.

During last more than 60 years of freedom, GOI has framed many stringent laws but always failed to enforce it strictly only because most of politicians and officials are corrupt and they blame each other to befool innocent Indian citizens. They willfully keep police force and judiciary weak and incompetent so that cases lodged in court of law cannot be decided for decades and so that judgment may be manipulated as per whims and fancies of powerful persons.common men are in general afraid of police and court and they avoid going there in want of justice.

Last but not the least even media men dance as puppets in the hands of those who are in power, Persons like Arvind Kejriwal or Kiren Bedi who protest corruption and crime are termed as negative minded and anti growth or anti nationals . Only those persons and employees who are pro-corrupt-officials and pro- corrupt-politicians are considered positive minded by so called advanced lobby working in top brackets of the society.

Clever leaders of ruling Congress Party is talking of fast Track court for Damini,The gang rape victim of Delhi but like to continue existing slow moving and almost dead courts. Why?

Clever leaders of ruling Congress Party has not yet confirmed that they will ensure setting of fast tract court in all towns, villages and at least district head quarters to deal with all types of crime to ensure pnishment to guilty person in fixed time frame of 30 days to 90 days.  Why?

Government is afraid that if fast rack courts are set in all towns and ifall  high courts are converted into Fast Track High Courts, many politicians and many top ranked officers who are now in state assemblies or Parliament of India or in central or administrative bodies will be sent to jail

Coalgate, CWG tax evasion probe keep CVC busy

The Central Vigilance Commission acted on a number of corruption cases and directed CBI probe in coal blocks allocation scam and recovery of about Rs 1,000 crore tax evasion in Commonwealth Games-related works this year, besides other anti-graft measures.

The probity watchdog was also chosen to head a 10-member global task force to prepare a knowledge management system for promoting international cooperation in checking graft and black money.
In its bid to ensure transparency in governance, the CVC directed rotation of officers handling sensitive posts, expediting cases of corruption involving senior government officials and regulations in public procurement, a government activity susceptible to corruption.

It also suggested the government to introduce and implement a US-type False Claims Act to recover losses from a corrupt government contractor.

The Commission received over 25,000 complaints of financial irregularities and made recoveries of at least Rs 142 crore after inspecting works, including public procurement, carried out by different organisations.

The CVC, which went into alleged irregularities in CWG- related civic and construction projects, found tax evasion of Rs 1,014.60 crore by government departments and private companies. It slapped notices for recovery of over Rs 500 crore tax allegedly evaded by government departments and private firms while executing the works.

According to Vigilance Commissioner R Srikumar, a multi- jurisdictional inquiry found evasions of Income Tax, Service Tax and Value Added Tax among others.

At least 9,000 publicly-funded projects were executed by 37 government departments and private companies for the mega sporting event held in New Delhi between October 3-14, 2010.
The CVC is looking into 28 cases of alleged irregularities in CWG works.

The CVC, which has probed crucial cases, including 2G spectrum allocation scam and directed CBI inquiry, also referred alleged irregularities in coal blocks allocation for further probe by the investigating agency. The coal blocks were allocated to private companies between 2006 and 2009.

Besides, a decision to assign the role of heading the task force to the probity watchdog was taken recently by International Association of Anti-Corruption Authorities, an independent, non-political anti-corruption organisation of more than 300 members including India, in October.

The project involves development of a centralised user friendly information handling system to gather data about anti-corruption activities around the world and process them into information useful to all stakeholders.

The Vigilance Eye or vigeye, developed by CVC to enable a person to file a corruption related complaint online or through mobile phone, received appreciation at various national and international forums during the conference attended by the officials of anti-corruption watchdog.

In order to speed up its probe, the Central Vigilance Commission also decided to do away with second stage consultation, a process of taking advice before imposing punishment on a corrupt official, and directed all inquiries should be done at one go. The CVC is also emphasising on needs to check corruption in private sector and supported necessary regulations to check it.

The watchdog also put details of corrupt officials along with their designations on its websites. In 2012, the CVC recommended punishment for over 1,000 officials, including some senior level functionaries, for their alleged involvement in corruption.

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