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Not Easy To Stop Corruption

Perhaps Mr. Arvind Kejriwal or like minded persons do not understand the meaning of corruption, dimension of corruption and various varieties of corruption. Or else they do not want to understand it and want simply to win the hearts of common men by announcing Helpline to report against those who ask for bribe, to carry out sting and to give bribe. Mr. Kejriwal perhaps thinks that only giving some cash for getting ration card or for getting driving license or giving money for tax assessment is only coming under definition of corruption.

Kejriwal talked of Jan Lokpal for almost two years and got political power only by dint of two year long movement against corruption launched by Team Anna. He resigned from Government last time after 49 days of rule only because he could not pass the bill for Jan Lokpal as per his sweet will in want of simple majority in Delhi Assembly. He appointed party’s Lokpal to oversee his party affairs and to dispose off complains of common men or his part members. He used to say with pride that he had great respect for Lokpal and hence he at least appointed Lokpal within his party. He used to prove that that he did what he used to say.

But when the same Lokpal wrote a letter to Mr. Kejriwal pointing out various irregularities of his party committed during election campaign, Mr. Kejriwal could not tolerate it and did not hesitate in removing the Lokpal from his post without even giving him an opportunity to explain and defend him. Is this not a type of corruption? Even judiciary gives adequate opportunity to al accused to defend him. But Mr. Kejriwal did not think it wise to give Mr. Lokpal or any of his dissident members to express and defend them during National executive meeting. Is it not a type of corruption when one shows complete disrespect to existing rules and laws and even moral standards and well established practices?

In an office of  a public sector company , any officer is transferred arbitrarily as per whims and fancies of his bosses when the officer do not flatter his boss or do not act as perfect yes-man of boss. Is it not a type of corruption? Mr. Kejriwal also want everyone to follow him blindly or face removal from all posts.

Honest and intelligent officers often do not accept blindly the advices of his bosses and such officers have to face frequent transfers like Mr. Ashok Khemka. Not only this , there are many clever bosses who know the art of ridiculing rules in force and they strategically award  such honest officer with untimely promotion and post him at such a critical place that even promotion become a curse for him. An officer normally posted in east is transferred to far north east place in Mizoram or an officer normally posted in west is transferred to Eastern state like Jharkhand. On the contrary a true Yesman, even if an officer is inefficient and non performer, he is given cream posting where he can earn bribe and share with his boss honestly. Is it not a type of corruption? Even Arvind removed his founder members only because they did not suit him and because they suggested ways other than Mr. Kejriwal liked. Is it not corruption?

Officers who are number one flatterer of bosses are often given cream and comfort posting whereas officers who are not flatterer are transferred out to distant place. Officers who are perfect yesman are given out of turn promotion whereas officers who are not are always rejected in Interview. I am unable to understand how members of Interview panel assess the potential, capacity, quality, knowledge and efficiency of an officer undergoing promotional test in two-three minutes of interview whose working is already tested and attested for service tenure of years and decades. It is interview which is breeding ground for large scale corruption. How Will Mr. Kejriwal stop such corruption by Helpline number?

If an officer is flatterer, he is supported by more than adequate team of assistants whereas a non flatterer is not provided with adequate supporting staff or is forced to work with less- supporting , unqualified, unwilled , unskilled or sick assistants. Of course when supporting staff are able and capable, willed and skilled, the boss will achieve greater result than those bosses who are deprived of it. Will Kejriwal try to understand that such type of transfer powers vested in bosses is also type of corrupt practices?  I would like to say here that this dirty transfer culture rather promotes corruption and irrigates bribery and flattery only. How will helpline number help curbing such type of corruption?

Businessmen distribute gifts to officers in all offices where they are associated with their work profile. Public servants distribute costly gifts to their bosses on various functions. Officers, MLAs, MPs, VIP politicians and ministers are invited to inaugurate various projects and given red carpet welcome and sometimes offered costly gifts. All such gifting has an ulterior motive of disposal of their work with such VIPs in easy, comfortable, safe and cheaper expenses. Are they not coming under the domain of corruption from Arvind’s angle of consideration?

Cases pertaining to Tax evasion are disposed off by tax officials after taking gifts in several ways. Sometimes a builder sells his apartment /flat / house to kith and kin of tax officials at throw away price to oblige such officials. If a flat of market value of Rs. one crore is sold at Rs. ten lac to a tax officials or to an politician or to a minister in lieu of some work done for him , will it not be called as corruption and if yes, how by helpline such corruption can be curbed? Such type of corruption takes place after mutual understanding in a safe place.

A businessman who has to take loan of Rs. one crore for his business approaches a bank officer and bank find the business not even fit for Rs.50 lac. Bank officer, bank staff from various offices, valuers, advocate and Chartered Accountant or middleman who have good relation with bank head or branch head are offered costly gifts, are given dinner party in five star hotels, are invited in various function by loan seeker businessman to oblige the relevant officers in different ways and finally loan of crore is sanctioned. For this purpose, all participants like loan processing officer, CA, Cost accountant, Valuers and legal officers prepare attractive supporting papers and loan proposal which was not fit for even Rs.50.00 lac is approved for crore. None can find fault in papers and documents but in very short span of time such loan usually goes bad and cause loss to bank. How helpline will curb such losses and such pilferages?

Another way, a loan defaulter buys a bank officer and arrange for easy compromise for loan repayment even if he has capacity to repay entire loan. Loan defaulters arrange for write off of loan by setting bank officers where both enter into a foul game, arrange suitable papers and cause loss to government bank. Is it not a corrupt act? Crores of bank loans are waived off or sacrificed in the name of cleaning of balance sheet but it is lastly public money which is lost due to corrupt bank officials. How such corruption will be handled by Mr. Arvind?

Loans are not sanctioned or a license is not given to a  businessman or pollution clearance certificate is not given to an Industrialist without payment of bribe or you can say other way, such clearances are given to bribe giver and denied to those business men who do not agreed to bribe rate or such clearances or such licenses are unduly and unreasonably delayed .
Is it not a type of corruption?

How the helpline will help in curbing such corruption when giver of bribe either in cash or in kind voluntarily offer bribe to make his ill-motivated plan a success without facing any discomfort. Helpline will come in use only when there is difference of approach between that of bribe giver and bribe taker. If bribe taker ask for Rs.100 from a vehicle owner for violating simple traffic rule of bypassing red light, and rule breaker happily gives it , no problem will arise. Because if his vehicle is detained for hours , the vehicle owner may incur losses in thousands of rupees. IN most of the cases exchange of bribe takes place for hassle free work. And it is also true that bribe many times is given and offered with mutual acceptance.

Corruption in Rail Reservation: Suppose a rail ticket checker in Rajdhani finds many passengers travelling without valid reservation and there are few vacant seats. In such cases passengers in general tries to get berth even if he has to offer some money to TTC. How will helpline decide which passenger has a valid right to get berth in preference to other passengers?

Corruption in Party Affairs Suppose Aam Admi Party has to organize a rally at Juntar Mantar or at Ram Lila Ground where thousands of people will visit to hear Mr. Kejriwal. A grand Pandal is constructed, lighting arrangement is made and grand welcome arrangement is made for audience. Maker of such arrangement could have charged Rs. one crore from others but charged only Rs. one lac from organizers of AAP voluntarily. Will it not tantamount to corruption?

Politicians more often than not,  ask business man and rich persons of their area to arrange for various works related to political rally or family functions  and do not pay any amount for that or pay negligible amount and businessmen do not retaliate or show anger in fear of repercussion or as a token of love to the politician. Finally such business men are given many preferences and many unwarranted monetary help or many concessions in taxes or in allocation of land or in allotment of public space .Are such acts not covered under corruption.

AAP removed Yogendra Yadav, Prashant Bhusan and other only in their perception these leaders were not liked by other leaders of the party. Similarly in government offices, many employees are removed, punished or rejected in promotion or posted at critical place when they are not liked by bosses. Who will decide the reasonability and justifiability  of such arbitrary decisions.? If there is no yardstick for such whimsical actions, such action may lead to corruption and corruption only.

Mr. Kejriwal tells that all offices working under his government will allow mobile in their offices so that common men can carry out sting or record demand for bribe. But the same Kejriwal during National Executive meeting which took place a few days ago on the issue of removal Of Yadav and Prashant did not allow any volunteer or member of National executive to carry Mobile inside the meeting hall. Why did he not allow mobile there when he suggest common men to carry on mobile to any government office. Is Mr. Kejriwal afraid of sting against him? 

Normally many offices do not permit mobile due to disturbance mobile creates in valuable working and valuable talking. But Arvind want mobile for sting and for recording bribe talks. Perhaps he is the greatest fool in the world if he thinks that bribe givers and bribe takers decide their quantity of bribe in such an open and casual manner. Mr. Arvind may catch hold of some inexperienced bribe giver and bribe taker by the help of Helpline Number, but big fish will go uncaught by such ridiculous steps.

If we talk of bribe of large quantum where tens and hundreds of crores or rupees are given in form of bribe, helpline will prove to be totally helpless. Crores of rupees are sacrificed by bankers just by giving interest concession of one percent to High Net worth corporate loan takers. If a bank sanctions a loan of Rs.500 crore at rate of interest lower by one percent  in comparison to normal rate, it causes more than Rs.5.00 crore to bank in a year. If such business man distributes gifts worth rupees one crore in a year to bank officials , there will not be any talk on mobile and Helpline number will prove futile.

Party tickets are given to those individuals who offer high value donations to the political party even if he or she does not belong to that area and even though he or she has not worked for the area for which he has been nominated party candidate for fighting election. Sometimes friends and relatives of top leaders are given ticket and told that they are good performers even though there are many better hard workers who have worked in the area for years and decades. Do such acts not qualify for corruption?

In brief I can say Helpline launched by Arvind Kejriwal in Delhi will touch hardly the tip of the iceberg representing the mountain of corruption rampant in the entire system. Mr. Kejriwal has to do a lot of exercise and deep rooted study to strike at the root of corruption.

If we look at the admission of a baby in school, it will prove that seeds of corruption are sown in the very childhood. Schools and colleges teach corruption in disguise. Marks are sold by examiners, questions are leaked at price, and failed students are passed with highest scores and so on. In recruitment, there is role of bribe and VIP. Study is less important than power of source of a VIP in any work to be done, it may be promotion to higher classes or admission in any good school. Children of VIP are admitted in any school and college even if the child do not qualify the set norms. How such corrupt practices will be stopped?

 There are many cases, you may say majority of cases, where job seekers who do not have any source, any God father are rejected. This happens in police department, in banks, in private companies, in government banks and so on. On the contrary hundreds of teachers and police personnel are recruited on the basis of recommendations of VIPs.

Arvind is perhaps concentrating only on Ration card or driving license to win the hearts of common men. He wants to use helpline number as a means to create false propaganda in favour of AAP and to divert the minds common men and that of his opponents from  inner party quarrels. He should not underestimate common men. AAP got 67 seats not because they worked a lot for common men but because they generated huge  expectation in the minds of voters that they will deliver what they promised.

Mr. Arvind says that if a traffic police asks for bribe, driver should record it and carry out sting and report it to Kejriwal on helpline . Mr. Arvind should know it that now onwards police officer will not ask for bribe but detain tempo owner or any vehicle owner for hours and issue challan and  lodge a case against driver for violating traffic rules. As a consequence all such traffic violators will have to run from pillar to post for many days and waste time and huge money in settling the case from court of law or from police departments. In this way poor tempo drivers to whom Arvind wanted to help by Helpline will be put in greater trouble by the same police. How such corruption will be handled?

Ninety percent of goods sold by Delhi Business men and transported to other states are sold without invoice and without paying taxes for it. Transporters, business houses, manufacturers, government offices such Road Transport offices all work in nexus with each other. Has Arvind potential to curb such illegal sale of goods?

All fake and spurious goods, fake medicines ,fake auto parts, fake electric parts and all fake goods are manufactured in Delhi or in other states but marketed through Delhi Business mandis. Even water sold as mineral water is not pure as they are claimed to be sellers. How Mr. Arvind will stop such corruption?

In stock market, speculators and share brokers artificially inflate the price of any share and then sale their shares to book profit whereas retailers are cheated and forced to suffer huge loss. These speculators and market makers have more often than not, setting with insiders. They play with price of shares as per their sweet will and cause loss to retailers. How Mr. Arvind will stop such large scale corruption in share markets?

I am however happy that Mr. Arvind Kejriwal has taken an initiative to curb corruption and hope he will do more to complete his task of eliminating corruption from the country. He narrated hundreds of stories of scams pertaining to Congress Government when he was associated with India Against Corruption (IAC) but he appears to have forgot all those scams. He has to refresh his memory and do the best to punish who were involved in many scam which he unearthed and exposed a year ago or two years ago.

Teachers in schools and colleges are not teaching as they are supposed to , they are not taking adequate number of classes or they are not teaching properly and not using precious time in teaching properly. Teachers are not examining copies of students honestly and giving marks in whimsical and arbitrary manner. All students admitted in schools and colleges are declared pass with 90% and above marks by management of such fake and insincere schools and colleges to enhance the reputation of their schools and colleges so that they may extract higher and higher tuition fees from students seeking admission . In this way corrupt individuals cause much damage to education system in not only in Delhi but in entire country. How will such corrupt practices be handled by the government is a million dollar question?

Land, homes, flats, real estate properties and all commercial or residential properties worth crore is officially sold at Rs.25.lac to Rs.50.00 lac and thus seller and buyers of property evade tax payment and cause loss to government exchequer. Not only this , such unhealthy practices in the office of all registry offices in the country absorb black money and promotes culture of earning black money . How will Arvind curb such corruption or he does not treat such acts as part of corruption?

Public servants working in various government offices, banks, insurance companies, public sector undertakings are not working for full time they are supposed to. They are not punctual . If they are punctual they are effective and active . If they are active , they have many valid excuses to delay and deny work of any common men. Unless intention is clear, no power on earth can stop corruption. Mr. Arvind Kejriwal may be awarded for best acting in politics , but may not get desired award from common men so far as eradication of corruption is concerned . Public utility services may not be extended comfortably to common men unless and until the culture inculcated in all walks of life is good and of high standard.

In hotels, restaurants, shops, trains and in many public places food items sold are of very much  inferior quality compared to price the seller charge from consumer . How such corruption will be dealt with by helpline. Packed food are sold at higher prices even though the contents are unhygienic and injurious to health. Medicines sold at higher prices b branding them with multinational companies, unwarranted pathological tests are prescribed by Doctors to earn commission, unwarranted operations are done by Doctors to earn money in illegal and unethical way and so on. How such acts will by curbed and erring persons will be booked to task?

Ban On Drinking: Wine drinking is injurious to health. This warning is displayed in all bottles. Government also displays such notices on boards in their offices. But it is government which gives license to shopkeepers and hotels for selling and serving of wine. Government does not like to impose ban on manufacturing of wine. It may punish persons who consume it and cause loss to public property. Everyone knows it very well that majority of crimes like loot, dacoity, burglary, rape, murder etc are committed only after consuming wine .

Everyone in Government knows very well that drinking is injurious to not only who consumes it but it harms society and disturbs family peace and harmony also. The key reason given for such insane approach on use of wine is that it gives billions of rupees to Government as revenue and it also gives job opportunity to traders in wine. In such position it is cleverly preached by every leader and every government that drinking wine is injurious to health but no action is taken to stop drinking. Government issues license to Hotels and restaurants to serve hotels to visitors and then it cannot expect good culture in the society and neither can it expect reduction in crime rate.

Ban On Smoking And Other Tobacco Products: Similarly smoking is injurious to health and such type of warning in invariably printed on each pack of cigarette and boards displaying such warning are hanged at prominent places in every office, schools and colleges. However it is only the government which allows manufacturing of cigarettes and Biri. Tobacco is injurious to health. Likewise, consuming Gutka, Khaini, Pan Masala etc are injurious to health and cause fatal diseases like cancer to those who chew these items. In spite of all losses to human lives, government does not have courage to ban manufacturing of such products.

Government is concerned with the revenue they earn by allowing manufacturing of such poisonous and killer products and least bothered by lacs of persons suffering from cancer caused by use of tobacco products and smoking cigarettes and finally losing their life. Government think it wise to earn money and fool people by making Display of warning on prominent places as mandatory or by preaching sermons during meetings.

IN last week, Maharashtra government banned sale of gutka, khaini, pan masala etc in the state of Maharashtra but did not have courage to ban manufacturing of the same. .Police personnel also rebuke owners of pan shop or sellers of gutka on road side who earn their livelihood by selling such products. None of regulating agency wants complete eradication of poisonous products from the market.

Remove Old Vehicles It is now announced by Delhi Government that vehicles older than 10 years will not be allowed to move on Roads and will not be allowed to enter such vehicles from other states. They say diesel vehicles and older vehicles cause pollution problems and may harm health of resident of the area. Government cannot stop manufacturing of diesel vehicles. It is the owner of diesel vehicle and owner of old vehicles who have to bear the brunt of the bad policies and ill-motivated decisions of the government.

If the government really wants to control such old vehicles entering into Delhi or moving on Delhi road, they need adequate manpower to handle problems arising out of such whimsical decisions. Since they do not have enough manpower, they will empower police t earn side money to allow movement of older vehicles. But in no way one can stop such older vehicles and diesel vehicles because these vehicles have been bought by owner of these vehicles in a legal way and under the policy of the government which prevailed hitherto. How can government suddenly change the police and cause loss to owners without giving them compensation.

Government want to earn revenue of all goods and services, even if the goods are injurious to health. Even pornography is not restricted in Internet services even if causes many times rise in cases of rapes and assaults on woman.

How To Enhance Government Revenue Earning:But to enhance the prospect of revenue earning by the government I would like to suggest to issue license to consumers of wine, consumers of tobacco products and users of older vehicles and diesel vehicles. If government charge Rs. 100 per bottle (500 ml) of wine per month , it will generate huge revenue and also restrict consumption of wine to a great extent. Similarly if users of tobacco is forced to pay monthly Rs.100 as license fee and only license holders be permitted to consume, Khaini,gutka etc I think it will generate huge money for poor government.

In the same way , state government may restrict accepting road tax fee for ten years at normal rate and then should charge double and triple of normal rate as road tax.

Similarly manufacturers of cigarettes and other tobacco products will have to pay double the normal excise duty and traders will have to pay higher amount of sales tax. Car manufacturers who produce diesel cars and trucks will have to pay more taxes so that the car become unaffordable for common men. Banks should be advised not to sanction loan for diesel vehicles. Police working as traffic controller should be asked to ensure compliance of all road rules by all vehicle owners. Making of laws and rules and preaching of sermons to people of India is easier for any government but it is very difficult to get it executed in true spirit. As such need of the hour is first to invent and discover how to enforce a law which government want to formulate.

It is pity that in our country government staff do not care and take proper actin against those who violate rules and then it becomes a problem whose solution become a social problem and cause new brand of crime. First encroachment on roads is allowed and then its removal adversely affects social peace and generates protests from common men who wilfully installed their shops on road sides. Similarly houses are constructed on unauthorised land and then it becomes difficult for state government to destroy it and invite the anger of those who purchased flats in such unauthorised apartments.

Role Of Certificates: It is sad that in our country department of pollution control issues certificate if the concerned officers are paid their fees. Chartered accountant certify a fake balance sheet if they are paid higher fees. Valuers of landed property gives inflated value of any landed property if the are higher fees. Fake certificates of passing of graduate course or post graduate course or BE or matriculation are available in the market. Drug inspectors allows sale of fake and spurious medicines if they are paid their fees.

Government officials register a sale of house at rate lower than market rate if they are paid fees. Black money is every moment generated in Delhi and elsewhere and it is visible in form of sky touching apartments and houses in every nook and corner of the country , but the government is searching black money in foreign countries. Maps for construction of house in violation of existing rules are passed by concerned authorities if they are paid their bribe.

Functioning Of Banks: Loans are sanctioned by banks to even ineligible persons if they are paid their share of gifts and bribe. Bad loans are written off if the bank officials are paid bribe. and so on. When bad debts in public sector banks goes out of control the clever officials abuse global recession or higher interest rate regime or bad policies. Actual guilty is never booked to task. Always some scapegoats are searched and booked to task to save top officials and VIP politicians.

This is India , where health of a person or a company depends not on his ability and capacity but on the basis of certificates. issued by specified authorities. Income of a person may be in lacs but if he gets a certificate of lower income from circle office he will be issued Red Card or Ration card or other subsidies. Industries are constructed on papers and not on land because department of Industries work on certificates. Roads are constructed and repaired on papers and huge amount of money is pilfered out of system only on the basis of certificates issued by engineers . This is corrupt culture where Doctors do not hesitate in carrying our Heart surgery of a healthy person just to earn money and they do not hesitate in prescribing various avoidable tests just to earn commission .

Even rating agencies issue Certificate of Rating of the grade AAA or AA or A to companies if they are ready to give thousands of rupees and lacs of rupees as fee to rating officials and thus companies may get hundreds of crores or rupees from banks and financial institutions.

Block Administration: Block level and district level agriculture officials issue certificates of loss of crop and forces insurance companies to give compensations to farmers. Similarly claim settling officials or Surveyors of insurance companies gives certificate of loss of ten lacs rupees even if actual loss is less than one lac , issues certificate of death of cattle even if the cattle is not actually dead or not even bought and so on to enable easy settlement of claim in favour of insured after taking illegal money in lieu of it. Genuine claims of genuine losses on the contrary cannot be sanctioned and compensated by the insurance companies for months and years if the victim person or company is not ready to pay the demanded bribe to surveyors. This is India.

Government as such need to first understand the ground reality if they want real reform in the culture of the persons, officers and leaders who rule and who oppose.

Role of Media:-Media men who are supposed to be watch dog on all illegal activities going on in their area of operation are actually problem creators and leg pullers of good persons. They search negative points on each event , in each incident and each accident and present the event in totally arbitrary manner, they oppose if they do not like a person or a party and they support if they like . They can present any event in such a manner which may make or mar the social peace.

If a Christian person is killed , media men will give a news as if there is attack on entire community of Christian. If a Muslim woman is raped, media men will blame BJP and give a news as if majority community Hindu is bent upon assaulting Muslims. Hundreds of Hindus are killed every day, but if a Dalit woman is killed , media men will give the news as if upper class community has attacked on weaker class. It is media which aggravate ignite fire , aggravate it and forget it . The main work of media men is to create animosity among parties, discourage good performers and damage national image as also affect interest of common men just to increase their own TRP

If Modi's performance is good , media men will not praise it , thy will criticise how Modi is spending lavishly on dressing materials. If a farmer dies due to sickness, media men will give the news that due to burden on bank loan , farmers are committing suicide. Whimsical news given by aid media has badly tarnished the image of media community and hence they are also not trustworthy. This is India.

Role of Politicians: Similarly politicians do not discuss and debate policies and mode of execution of policies in the light of its suitability to common men . They discuss, support and protest any policy not based on its merits and demerits , but support it if it is framed by its own government and oppose if it is by other party. This is India. Even Aam Admi Party which took birth for doing a different politics become a party of differences.

Performance and success of a government is measured in terms of how much fund it has allotted for different sectors. If a government allots one lac crore rupees for development of infrastructure and irrigation facilities in India compared to fifty thousand crore by previous government of other party , it is considered as growth oriented. There is no one to assess whether the fund allotted is really put in use for creation of quality infrastructure and irrigation facilities .

If the team of engineers issue Utilisation Certification to the department concerned, it is assumed that all work has been done. Funds are normally withdrawn in the month of March and surprisingly Utilisation certificates are submitted also in the same month. This is India. If actual investigation is done by unbiased and honest body, it will be found that there is no road where road is said to be constructed and there are no irrigation facility in farm lands where it is declared as facility of irrigation is available. Farmers are helped many times on papers by government bodies.

Achievement By Cooked Data: This is India where achievements are measured on the basis of certificates and not on the basis of actual performances. Drinking, smoking, tobacco chewing ,pornography etc are all good if there is certificate of warning printed on each packets. Government wants reforms on papers and not on ground where common men reside. Mr. Ramlingam Raju of Satyam Computers has been sentenced Today by court of law with 7 year imprisonment only because he himself admitted his fault of commission of mistake and because any detecting agency detected the fraud.

Regulators And detective Agencies Fail To Detect Fraud Otherwise world famous team of Chartered Accountants called as PWC had given certificate of good accountancy and good performance to the company called as Satyam Computers year after year. Rating Agencies similarly assigned AA and AAA rating to Satyam Computers only because they were playing in money and company was openly cheating poor investors who had invested in the company on the strength of Certificate of good performance.. No one even from the then government doubted the integrity of CAs or rating agencies. There is no question then of punishing the corrupt team of CA and officials of rating agencies who worked based on bribe money.

In the same year 2009 when episode of Satyam Fraud came to light , many of public sector banks were also found manipulating and inflating profits artificially by not making adequate provisions for bad debts and for terminal benefits payable to bank employees. In this way banks booked extraordinarily higher profit by manipulation and cheated investors to please the then government and to brighten their own careers. Government again believed on certificate of good health and certificate of compliances submitted by auditors and defaulting bank's chiefs.

This is India where thieves certify that no loss has occurred to where stealing act took place openly. UPA government minister gave a Zero Loss Certificate to Man Mohan Singh government when CAG detected loss of lacs of crores of rupees. Auditors are good as long as they give report as per whims of persons who employ them , otherwise they are shown the exit door.

Intention of Government And Regulators: Neither government nor people of India try to learn lessons from cases of cheating and cases of frauds . Non Banking companies and chit fund companies every year collect lacs of crores of rupees from poor villagers and poor traders and then fly away from the area leaving behind lacs of investors weeping and crying . RBI, CBI, CVC and police bodies along with the concerned government promise to provide justice to victim investors , constitutes committees to stop recurrence of such loot by chit fund companies, but none could stop such cheating .All Regulating bodies are happy with certificates of compliances only. They do not have time or they do not have enough manpower to verify the veracity of these certificates.

Similarly anti corruption cell and vigilance officers earn bribe and exonerate bad and corrupt officers by giving them certificate of honesty and integrity. Employers promote an officer on the recommendation of VIP but hesitate to promote a really good performer if he has not submitted desired certificates in tune with bosses.

Role Of Certificates:We Indians become honest by taking oath of working honestly in the month of November every year and then we are free commit all sins without any hesitation and government is satisfied only after getting confirmation from all banks and all departments that a oath has been taken for honesty by each employee. This is India where certificates are more important than actual facts and figures.

If a bad students gets a certificate of good character, he can get many of his works done easily. On the contrary if a school teacher denies a certificate of good character to a really good student, he will have to face many problems in getting admission in colleges of higher education or in seeking job. This is India.

There are many examples where banners, notice boards displaying rules and policies , certificates of goodness are treated enough for judging performance of any person or party or a company.

Role of Bribery And Flattery : There are many industries in the country which emit poisonous fume in the air and cause much harm to residents of that area. There are many shops where bad smoke is emitted by generators used for lighting the shop . But there is none to punish them because they do have purchased Clearance Certificate from Pollution control department. On the contrary many industries could not start functioning only because they were not ready to pay bribe to officers of pollution control departments for getting Clearance Certificate.  Similarly there are hundreds of medical shops in the country which are not manned by a Doctor  or a trained compounder as per rules in this regard. But local drug inspectors collect their bribe periodically and allow these shops trading in medicine, even if they sell illegally manufactured fake medicines.

In the same way there are many tax consultants in every town who have developed good rapport with tax officials and they work as mediator in assessment of tax related files of the businessmen and professionals and it is they who teach assesses how to evade various taxes and how to get Tax clearance certificates.

Integrity of Chartered Accountants : There are many CAs in every towns and big cities which work as a mediator between bank officials and businessmen and prepare attractive set of papers and documents right or wrong to ensure sanctioning of loans and other credit facilities without any problems. A set of good papers are enough for a banker to sanction hundreds of crores of rupees as loan to any unscrupulous company or to any individual even if there is no business which match the value of  loan demanded. On the other hand if business men do not pay bribe and commission and do not offer gifts to CAs and Bank officials , he cannot dream of getting loan sanctioned comfortably and as per need of the project. It is team of CAs who are clever and who know how to  prepare files and balance sheet as per need of loans and who can inflate figures or conceal bad points as per whims and fancies of loan seekers and banks function normally on papers, documents and certificates .This is India

Expectation From Mr. Modi :I however hope the honest , active, efficient, hard worker and visionary Prime Minister like Mr. Narendra Modi will be able to improve the working quality of all departments . I have no doubt in the ability and capacity of Mr. Modi. God Bless him and save him from dirty leaders of opposition groups who are putting hurdle in all bills only to tarnish the image of Modi by hook or by crook.

I pray God to awaken all patriots, well wishers, social reformers , intellectuals  and academicians and motivate them to help Modi in achieving the desired tasks successfully and in making India number one in the world.

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