Saturday, February 27, 2010

Everyone talk about corruption

Many people have suggested many ways to fight out corruption, many departments have been set up in the country to look into such cases of mal practices and there are CBI, CVC, CID, Police station, public relation offices, Anti Corruption Bureau and many similar offices throughout the country have been established to fight out corruption. But the fact is that inspite of all efforts by government or by all teachings in schools and colleges or all preaching by saints; people prefer indulging in corrupt practices in greed of money and power. For such cases, strict and quickest penalty and punishment is needed without involving the delay oriented processes or two three decades of proceeding in the courts and various linked offices.

It is ridiculous that Government has to prove that Kasab is a terrorist though entire world has seen him attacking in India. Corrupt officers are caught red handed but not punished in India and on the contrary honest persons are punished because they do not flatter bosses. Person involved in big scams and scandals, persons committing frauds and cheatings are not punished for decades together and declared innocent by courts and released by police. Good persons have lost faith in the administrative, judiciary and police machinery. This exhibits the most painful and sorry state of affairs prevailing in the country.

As such to cure cancer of corruption, Government, the courts and the police should send a clear cut message all over the country that they are honest, serious, active, effective not by words but through their action that culprit will be punished, punished and punished without the fear or any repercussions or without looking into any favour or recommendation from any heavy weight from the society.

Million dollar question is who will bring out suitable reformation in the system when even PM expresses helplessness, Pranab Mukherjee Finance Minister talks about fault in delivery mechanism but expresses helplessness. Law Minister fails to bring about judicial reform, Home Minister has got no time to look into this gigantic and Himalyan task, president of India is helpless, and so on

Danendra Jain

Choumuhani Agartala 799001

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