Sunday, March 7, 2010

Future of Bank depends not on CEO but of employees

Can CMD like MVNair ensure long lasting good health of the bank with the help of bad General Managers? Can Mr. Nair portray attractive balance sheet for long without window dressing when his most of General Managers are corrupt, charge sheeted or facing CBI inquiry.

When General Managers are not of sound mind and spotless integrity, can they expect their juniors to be clean and loyal to bank? When executive holding top posts are not honest and loyal to the bank, honest and efficient junior officers in the field cannot dream of getting promotion and good posting.

This is a bank where promotions take place completely on the whims of Interviewer. Officers who do not toe the line of bosses are posted at critical places. Charge sheeted officers, General Managers, DGMs and AGMs in Mumbai or in any Metro are not transferred out of their home town. But officers belonging to other states who are not having any God father at Administrative offices are posted at such branches which were spoilt by flatter and corrupt officers and who left no stone unturned to keep boss happy through gifting of costly and precious items.

After all who can stop this unhealthy culture prevailing in a bank when person sitting at the helm of affairs are corrupt and shielded by God father in Banking Division in Delhi or RBI or Ministry of Finance. There are many Satyam like Raju in all banks. It is a matter of time when real exposure of these mischievous persons takes place. Yes it is true that by the time their exposure takes place career of many good persons will be spoilt, ruined and raped.

I have however no doubt that future generation will curse MVNair and blame his policy for the fate of bank, though MVNair as a man is very much effective, assertive and knowledgeable.

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