Sunday, June 27, 2010

Madras High court stays IBA's mischievous step

It is a matter of great pleasure that Madras High court has granted interim stay on the clause authorizing banks to deduct 2.8 times of November revised salary from the arrear of PF optees who are likely to opt for second option of Pension, an opportunity granted under 9th Bipartite Settlement signed between IBA and leaders of unions of various banks. I congratulate officers of Canara Bank unit who initiated the legal battle against discriminatory settlement signed by union leaders in banks and I take this opportunity to condemn IBA team under the leadership of Mr. M V Nair who left no stone unturned to divide the officer’s fraternity by introducing various discriminatory and unconstitutional clauses in the said settlement.

It is open secret that bank management is made of flatterers and yes-men who are least bothered of ethics or constitutional values or even the quality of assets of banks. They are least bothered of genuine grievance of loyal and devoted workers who think, act and even dream for the benefit of banks they are associated with. It is banks where even posting and promotions are effected not based on merit but on the strength of an officer in yesmanism and his ability to flatter his bosses and capability in earning illegal money and sharing with the same with the bosses.

In such position officers annoyed with discriminatory elements of the said settlement have got a great relief after the stay granted by Madras High Court .I hope even now our Finance Minister and Prime Minister will understand the facts related to agreement mentioned above and perpetual reign of injustice prevailing in banking industry particularly PSU banks. I hope Government of India will act against dirty elements in Banking industry and especially in IBA and get rid of them before it is too late.

I would like to add here that if justice is not delayed in courts and good advocates become available at reasonable cost in all towns and cities I think thousands of cases will be filed against reign of injustice perpetuated by bank management.

I am ready to extend my whole hearted support to all those who have initiated legal battle against the bank and who have contributed directly or indirectly in the fight to get justice. I pray judges to quicken the process at their best so that bank management may not take advantage of judicial delay in carrying out their whimsical decisions based on vested self interest.

If finally high court scraps the clause of discriminatory recovery from PF optees the signatories of the said settlement should own responsibility and resign on moral ground. When a mistake is committed by a staff in a branch of a bank, the branch head of that branch is held responsible and punished suitably by higher management of the bank. Then why not top officials who signed the said 9th Bipartite Settlement which is found to be illegal, unconstitutional (violation of fundamental right of equality before law enshrined in the Constitution) should be punished suitably by Ministry and Government of India. The higher officials must have vision and future repercussion of illegal and discriminatory clause of the agreement they sign.

I congratulate organizers of website who have been extending their best cooperation in serving the cause of bank employees in general and PF optees in particular who have been given discriminatory treatment by signatories of the said 9th Bipartite settlement for bank employees in April 2010.

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