Friday, June 18, 2010

Bhopal Gas Tragedy

It is not only Anderson only, but all VIP culprits are ignored and freed from clutches of all laws of land. Flatterers in all offices are invariably promoted and given respectable position. Posting and posting also works as promotion and on the contrary promotion sometimes acts as a demotivator. When all flatterers are holding top post anything can be managed on phone and ministers do not required to come in picture. One telephonic call is enough to make or mar one's career and hence every right or wrong instruction from boss is carried out by juniors easily even at the cost of lives of innocent people or safety, security, unity and integrity or even pride of the nation. This is why that even after lapse of 25 years, culprits of Sikh Riots of 1984 and Bhopal Gas Tragedy of 1984 are still roaming free. None of VIPs who were actually master mind in the greatest scam and scandal could be punished; it may be Bofors case, Chara scam, Ruchika-Rathore case stock scam UTI ghotala, stamp scam or any small case of fraud or misuse of HRD policies perpetuated at low level. It is ironical that good persons are made victim for ill works of bad person, it is the saddest part of Indian administration and Indian politics. When courts are incapable and dishonest, the scope of even justice from judiciary cannot be dreamt of.

It is not the systemic failure but it is the system prevalent in India. In India corrupt person get priority in all fields and honest and devoted workers are shunted out or placed at a critical and difficult place. Extradition of Anderson demanded by few politicians is not going to serve any purpose other than an attempt to befool Indian citizen once again. Political parties are blaming each other but none of them appears to be seriously sympathetic towards the pain of common men. We live in a country which is for rich people, by rich people and of rich people. It is rich man’s democracy

Rich and influential people delay the proceeding of court as much as possible to avoid decision and eliminate witnesses so that the case may become weak and ineffective. CBI more often than not weaken the presentation of the case when they get enough gifts in either cash or in kinds from the culprit or they get enough pressure from heavy weights ruling the country. In all big cases of political scam or administrative corruption or any scandal two and three decades are wasted in judicial proceedings in a very easy way and in a very casual and normal way. Indian courts usually deliver justice after two three decades. As such Bhopal gas judgment does not appear that much astonishing in India.

No doubt foreigners laugh at Indian style of functioning in all sphere and fate of big cases involving VIPs of the country. Such cases are either languishing in courts for last two or three decades or in such cases, actual culprits are acquitted or lightly punished.

Even Law minister shamelessly accepts that the justice is not only delayed but buried. Judgment on Bhopal Gas mishap has made it more crystal clear that any Indian cannot expect justice from Indian court until he has money and muscle power to build pressure on advocates and judges. And persons who are having money and muscle power have the capacity to mould the decision in their favour and unfortunately in such heinous task they get full fledged support from politicians, ministers and administrative bosses. Entire talks of judicial reforms going on in political arena for last two- three decades are nothing but Bakwas and it is politicians who are fully responsible for making mockery of Indian democracy as well as judiciary. Even PM admits the cancer of corruption but fail to eradicate it. President of India prefers to be deaf and dump and think it wise to remain silent spectator of Chirharan of Draupdi (innocent citizen) apparently to respect spirit of the Constitution.

It will not be untrue to say about Indian judicial system, that culprits become very happy when a case is lodged against them in any court. Police may be managed with some difficulty and after heavy payments but courts and even CBI people can be managed comparatively easily and comfortably .Judgments can be manipulated in collusion with advocates or heavy weights comparatively easily and more comfortably. Not only this even ruling political party get rid of public protests and hotshots from angry members of opposition parties once they sanction CBI inquiry or lodge FIR in Thana and lodge case in Indian court against any big criminal act or terror act. After all who is bothered of whether such CBI cases or CBI inquiry eventually proves to be futile exercise.

Danendra Jain
17th June 2010

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