Thursday, July 29, 2010

Commonwealth Games in Delhi

Leaders on whom lies the fate of an organisation or trade union or a country have become lover of flattery, have become lover of money and lover of high post without merit. Root cause of all mishappenings, irregularities, fraud or cheating lies in nothing but flattery which shuts the eyes, ears and mind & heart of leaders. Leaders become self cantered and sacrifice the interest of the masses for whom they are meant. They forget God and minimum moral values.
Corruption cannot end in India until government takes harsh steps to stop flattery. Yes man and bribe give equally responsible for rampant corruption and for damaging the right course of action. Looting of money from a person through bribe is less harmful than looting of pride, self respect of service men or businessmen or professionals. All is well sir, No Problem sir culture is killing the enthusiasm of real workers, real Indians and real businessmen because flatterers by dint of their actions hypnotize the top officials and ministers and get success in getting undue benefit or up gradation in service or better posting and quick promotion in service at the cost of many genuine workers.
CVC as such cannot stop corruption said to be rampant in work done for Common wealth Games in Delhi because they also become victim of this disease. CVC has to survive in the same system where perpetuators or corruption are sitting at the helm of affairs. CVC has to be bold enough and has to stop corruption in transfers, posting and promotion processes of government employees and bring about maximum transparency, eliminate the channel of Interview which gives rise to whimsical and biased decision. When honest and sincere officers are shunted in remote areas or posted in insignificant corners it is but natural that such officers will prefer indulging in flattery than wasting energy in good work.
CVC or for that matter Government of India has to make judicial process quick, affordable effective and honest so that victim of the system may approach court without any fear of repercussion. Fear of punishment may only keep flatterers and corrupt person away from the system. Similarly media as to take initiative conduct sting operation and do all acts deemed fit to expose the mischievous elements occupying top posts in government offices, ministry , banks, insurance companies, CBI, vigilance department, judiciary, tax departments etc who sell transfer, posting and promotions in service sector or who willfully torture a good businessmen who do not flatter an officer.

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