Friday, July 23, 2010

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It is a great pleasure that Canara bank has at least and at last realized that they have committed contempt of court by recovering 2.8 times of November 2007 salary inspite of stay granted by Madras High court. It is astonishing that other banks are still silent spectator of what is happening in various courts and without any shame or hesitation filing one after other submission in courts justifying the unjustified, discriminatory, divisive and condemnable clauses of 9th Bipartite settlement which completely goes against the interest of PF optees, retired or serving or resigned ..

I take this opportunity to sincerely condemn union leaders who were shamelessly busy in recovery of levy from their members despite the fact that their major portion of arrear was looted by the makers of the said agreement. I once again condemn those union leaders who filed counter affidavit in Madras High court even after mass protest against the said agreement and focused entire energy in making money from their own members and who feel no shame in extending a Farewell gift of five lac rupees one of union leaders who retired from one of PSU banks in the last month from the fund of union. I condemn union leaders who are growing richer and richer at the cost of hard working members.

That is why I like to say that the most painful and disgraceful story is that of union leaders who are meant to fight for the welfare and benefits of employees in general are working againt bank employees in nexus with top officials of bank management . A few union leaders sold their moral values in the hands of management and hijacked the unity integrity and militancy of bank employees. These so called protectors have also become damagers, Munsi Prem Chand ji told " Jab Rakchak hi Bhakchak ban jaye to vinash nishchit hai". Union leaders have damaged us to a great extent and it is their mischievous role that management succeeded in cheating a section of employees. There are many such leaders in banking industry who are earning money even in posting, transfers and promotion by working in collusion with members of Interview panel. Bank employees have to exert their all efforts to weed out such mischievous leaders and select a really good team of devoted workers.

No doubt pension is a social security measure and bank employees fought a long battle for getting another option of pension and ultimately we got it. But none of employees ever thought or ever imagined that they will have to pay 1800 crores of rupees to purchase this option.

Anyway I once again salute canara bank employees who initiated the legal battle boldly in Madras, other forums formed to fight against the illegal clause of the said agreement and all employees who directly or indirectly supported the battle against injustice and organizers of various website who made the employees aware and polarized opinion of various stalwarts to make the matter more crystal clear. I hope wisdom and good sense will prevail upon other bank management also and they will also take initiative immediately to refund the recovered money .

When a branch head in a bank commits mistake he is punished. I am unable to say what will be the suitable punishment for such CEOs, CMDs and GMs who signed on the said agreement which tarnished the image of bankers. Let the punishment be decided by respected courts..

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