Friday, July 16, 2010

Indian Bank Association , shame shame shame shame

How many Banks have obeyed the stay order of Madras High Court and not recovered 2.8 times of November 2007 salary from PF optees?

How many banks have not yet started paying arrears as per 9th BPS.?

How many banks have issued pension offer till date and if not why have they recovered from PF optees? Already three months are likely to complete after the date of settlement. Why bank is so slow on the issue of pension offer and so fast on the matter of recovery and similarly why union leaders are so anxious on recovery of levy of Rs.3000/ from their members and not worried for delay in offer of pension? Union leaders are getting farewell gift of five lacs or ten lacs on their retirement from Union Fund. Is this the way to use hard earned contribution made to Unions and Associations by poorly paid bank employees?

Days are not far when union leaders will distribute accumulated union levy amounting to hundreds of crores of rupees among themselves and ask for separate fee if they fight for any aggrieved employee. Are union leaders not more dangerous than our management bosses? I say this because union leaders have threatened to expel officer from their association if they do not pay union levy of Rs.3000/ on account of so called successful historic agreement. Management never dared to issue dismissal threatening to officer employee if they fail to obey any instruction of boss.

Why are employees keeping mum on illegitimate recovery and bent upon getting arrear at the earliest even if it is discriminatory? Why are they afraid of even lodging their protest before accepting arrear payment?

Bank management has signed a historic victory agreement when they have vertically divided the employees in two segments and created an unbridgeable split in banking unity and created dilution in their intensity to fight against the reign of injustice perpetuated by management.

And Bank union leaders on the contrary has committed a historic blunder by signing a discriminatory and divisive agreement on 27.04.2010 for some or the other vested interest and clearly betrayed the cause of unity for which they used to struggle under the banner of communist parties.

At least pension optees are now in support of the agreement. It hardly matters to most of them how loudly PF optees cries and weeps though in the past they all always used to be on the same platform and UFBU was also formed for the same purpose. Banking unity was an example in the community of labour class or working class.

Banks are not in the grip of flatterers. Those who are yes-men are getting timely promotion and getting best posting and in this way a team of flatterers are generated by bank management who blindly support of all action of the management right or wrong. Even union leaders do not fight against such lollipop like promotions and transfers because they say that ultimately their members are getting promotions and cream posting or choice posting though the same may be at the cost of others genuine right. At least veteran union leaders are enjoying posting in Metros and capital towns, they need not perform bank’s job, they may do their side business, they may take share from dirty dealings in credit decision or contract offers corruption and they may get sweet request from corrupt officers for reduction of punishment and so on. Lastly they may get huge gifts from top branch managers, big bribe earners, big customers and last but not the least huge money from union fund on their retirement and on attending an inquiry from Union Fund. Similarly union leaders now plead that the said agreement is good in the light of social security though they know and understand from the core of their heart that recovery from PF optees is not justified from any angle of consideration.

This is called divide and rule policy. Intelligent, talented, experienced, valued and visionary leaders of bank management who occupy the important seats of core committee of IBM as also that of United Forum of Bank Unions are very well aware and they all realize from the core of their heart that injustice has occurred with PF optees, retirees and those who have resigned. They all know very well that courts cannot deliver justice in decades and decades and this is why they are least bothered of courts also. They have gained sufficient experience by giving undue promotions to even charge sheeted officers and by rejecting even good officers. In every circular enlisting name of officers getting promotion they used to mention “subject to court decisions on various writs going on in various courts”

In the same way IBA is bent upon making recovery from PF optees subject to court decisions. But at the same time God knows whether they will issue pension offer or not. Reason for not issuing pension offer, bank will say they are waiting decision from courts. It is not surprising at least for me that even so called union leaders are also keeping mum on this matter for which they feel proud and say that the agreement is historic.

Bank Unity Zindabad?

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