Sunday, August 15, 2010

Bank management have to answer twenty questions

  1. Why bank employees are not given pension benefits when they resign?
    Why banks are recovering 2.8 times of their November 2007 salary in lieu of giving them another opportunity to opt for pension?

  2. Why banks do not pay annual increment to senior employees and stagnate them for three years whereas other departments are not doing so?

  3. Why banks are not getting financial support to pay pension to their employees whereas other offices of same government are getting the support?

  4. Why is there gradual erosion in pay package of bank employees in each wage revision compared to central government employees?

  5. Why gratuity amendment act is applicable w.e.f. 01.01.2006 for central government employees but for other PSUs it is w.e.f. 24.05.2010?

  6. Why does bank management use Interview to reject an officer as per heir whims and promote flatterers?

  7. What is the need of Interview for serving employees?

  8. Why is RBI silent on undeclared Non Performing Assets?

  9. Why union leaders recover Rs.3000/ as levy from bank employees for wage negotiation with IBA?

  10. Why charge sheeted officers are given promotions and made GM, DGM AGM, ED or CEO?

  11. Why banks are unable to give even 20% pay hike after five years whereas central government employees are given 80 to 100 % hike and private companies give 10 to 25% hike every year?

  12. Why some officers are transferred to North East and not taken back to parent state after two years as per policy in force?
  13. Why incentive policy for NE posting is not revised even after 25 years?

  14. Why few officers are always posted in rural areas whereas few others are always given posting in Metro and urban areas?

  15. Why bank management resort to order frequent inter state transfers for a few officers and not uniformly and judiciously for all officers?

  16. Why officers buying government deposits are preferred in posting even if they indulge in wrong and faulty lending and even if their advances are more often than not become Non Performing Assets in one to three years or their track record of financing is dubious?

  17. Why financing to farmers is not given due importance by bankers?

  18. Why banks are focusing on Non banking products like insurance and MF at the cost of their prime business of banking?

  19. Why banks are allowed to earn profit by exploitation of staff by reducing their manpower per branch and by charging unjustified service charges from customers?

  20. Why PSU banks are slowly ignoring their social objective and concentrating on making it profit enlarger whereas private banks are giving higher pay packages to is employees, providing more man power per branch and finally even earning higher profits compared to PSU banks keeping even their customers more happy?

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