Saturday, August 7, 2010

Flattery Culture is Root of all Evils

When a bank or any government office is unable to promote an employee due to shortage of vacancies in upper cadre , bank should not stagnate the employee only because he has reached the last stage of his scale .This is a fundamental question concerning all employees who are not getting annual increment only because he could not get promotion in time due to managements fault or due to corrupt interview panel who promote an employee not on the basis of performance but on the basis of gift or money he receives from the employee. 

It is ironical that in government offices, departments, insurance companies and banks seniors are getting lesser increment whereas in private sectors seniors are worshipped like owners, promoters and savers of the firm. This is why private sector flourishes in real worth whereas public sector officers are facing continuous erosion in value.In this age of flattery there is no respect for policy or performance.

 An officer is promoted only when he or she has a God father in upper echelon or he has pleased his boss with huge gifts in cash or in kind or bought and motivated the top executive who is a member of Interview panel. HRD policies in bank promote chamcha culture, RBI and Ministry of Finance or Banking Division all irrigates and promotes such culture. The more one is corrupt, the more he is flatterer and the higher is he posted. 

This is why cancer of corruption is growing unabated and even vulnerable department like defense is sick of this disease. 

There are many EDs and CMDs of banks and government departments whose history is full of instances of indulging in corruption. 

If CBI conducts an honest inquiry in the credit decision taken by top executives, loan waived by them, and present status of loan sanctioned by them directly or indirectly trough his team of chamchas, bad advances hidden by them, personal assets accumulated by them, I think eight out of ten top executives will be found suitable for severe punishment and not fit for even junior posts. 

Unfortunately in our country even authorities entrusted with duty of unearthing corrupt practices and bringing corrupt persons to justice are themselves indulged in corruption to a great extent. Then who will bell the cat is a million dollar question. 

So called clean and honest PM like Manmohan Singh expresses his helplessness on the front of corruption, naxalism and terrorism very wisely and boldly.

It is due to such wrong policies perpetuated by corrupt and greedy executives that even an officer like Madhuri Gupta could hold an important, sensitive and vulnerable post for more tan 30 years, get whimsical posting and promotions for such a long period inspite of the fact that she indulged in anti-national activities and worked as an agent of Pakistan silently.

Mrs. Rabri Devi, wife of Lalu Yadav could became Chief Minister of Bihar not because she was an able administrator, experienced politician or a knowledgeable lady , but because flatters of Lalu Yadav had vested interest to support her.Similarly 

Mr. Lalu Yadav could get the post of Railway Minister despite his involvement in thousand crore Chara Ghotala because ruling government led by UPA and Congress party wanted to survive with his support.

Mr. Ratore could get promotions after promotions and best posting despite Ruchikas case because of his god liasoning with his bosses and because he could shut the mouth and eyes of his bosses by keeping them happy through gifts in cash and kind.

Raju in Satyam computers could perpetuate fraud in thousands of crores of rupees for years together and win even the award of best corporate governance because he was surrounded by his greedy flatterers, greedy team of Chartered Accountants and corrupt ministers.

Madhu Koda Ex Chief Minister of Jharkhand and Reddy brothers in Andhra Pradesh could commit fraud with the government treasury in billion of rupees because he or they got the support of flatter team of IAS, IPS and other monitoring officers.

Mayawati, Mulayam, Lalu like CM reshuffle senior officers like playing cards .Only a team of officers who are yes-men ,flatterer and ready to support and executive all ill motivated work ordered by ministers of the government can only survive and flourish in his or her career. This is the fate of good officers in all banks. 

There are several Raju in all banks who makes the balance sheet shining and who manage Chartered Accountants at various levels, officers working in Banking division, ministry of finance, top bureaucrats, top politicians all over the country.

In brief in our country even a donkey is posted on top post he can survive and get continuous elevation in career provided he or she has enough acumen to earn bribe and share with is bosses.It is also a bitter truth all frauds continues and continues until shareholders of the fraud are divided. 

Frauds are seldom unearthed by CA. CBI or any investigating agency, not to speak of nip in the bud.As such my second point to attract your attention is that in my opinion there should not be any scope of Interview for existing employee for giving him promotion because quality of his services have already been tested and attested by management for a decade or two or even three. 

Even 25 marks allotted for Interview in any departmental promotion processes are enough to make or mar the career of an officer in a bank or any government office. It is a bitter truth of our country that a corrupt officer get 25 out of 25 in interview process whereas a performer get hardly 10 out of 25 which results in diluting the effect of performance of an employee or good marks obtained by him in his appraisals. 

The great Supreme Court has even advised transparency in appraisal system, but banks management seldom respect even court advises if it hurts the personal interest of its executives. 

The more power is delegated in bosses the more chances of misutilisation of power and perpetuation of corrupt practices exists and increases in the system.This is happening in not only in banks but also in all other government departments and this is why, whenever a new Chief Minister takes charge of a state, several IAS and IPS officers are transferred from one place to another as per whims and fancies of the ministers in the new government. 

Majority of decisions on postings, promotions and transfers are taken on the basis of earning capacity of the officer who can share his illegal earnings with the minister or support the minister in carrying out his illegal tasks for the benefit of his kith and kin or his party men.

In conclusion there should not be any stagnation in any scale of any cadre of any officer of any department or office or bank and there should be no Interview for existing employees to be promoted. 

In my opinion whimsical posting, arbitrary promotions and abrupt but ill motivated transfers are the root causes of all corrupt practices prevailing in the Indian administrative, judiciary and political system. 

It is the power delegated to persons sitting at post empowered to take whimsical decisions which irrigates ,cultivates and promotes the culture of flattery and demotivates the person who actually work and believe in honest performance.

 It is unfortunate that no remedy can be obtained even from courts even after lapse of a decade or two .This is the reason that management of a bank or any office or any organ of the government at state or national level indulge in selling promotions and postings and in turn contributes directly or indirectly, willingly or unwillingly, in increasing the level of corruption.

As such, flattery culture is the root cause of all maladies. Unless there is strong political will to change the system there is no force on the earth which can stop or eliminate or even reduce the level of corruption in India.Bureaucrats can do nothing if politician are dishonest in their area of operation. 

One Mr. T N Sheshan created havoc in Political arena. There are still some negligible numbers of IAS officers who leave no stone unturned to stop malpractices. But such officers are shunted by politicians, ministers to support their flatterers. These honest officers are the most sufferers in their career. These officers have to sacrifice their self esteem, shed their ego and sacrifice the interest of their family and social life. But how long? They also succumb and surrender before the system, sooner or later.

Last but not the least, if judicial process is made easy, affordable and quickest I think crime in all sphere of life will be reduced to 10%Government framed policy for posting of bank employees in Villages as also for posting in North Eastern States to promote rural banking and to help development work in rural areas and North Eastern states is more often than not misused. 

Whenever self interest of an executive is not served by an officer he issue transfer order for him for either remote villages or for critical branches located in North East States 

Obviously management of banks have always misused this excellent policy to discard non-flatterers and to torture those employees who do not indulge in corrupt practices and who do not implements bad orders of the executives.

RBI or any investigating agency on honest inquiry will find that some officers have been working in villages for two or three decades whereas flatterers of the top officials of the management have been allowed to work in Metros for decades together. 

When an officer do not provide gifts to General Manager, he is posted in North Eastern States on the plea of Non Performance whereas those who commit fraud or indulge in irregular credits but always provide golden gifts to GMs, DGMs, AGMs in the name of some function either of inauguration or customers meeting are allowed to remain in big towns. 

Some officers are simply creating bad advances and some others are constrained to recover the bad advances merely to save the corrupt officers from punishment. This is why loans or advances become Sub Standard in one or two years of its disbursement. 

It is also a bitter fact that such bad advances are concealed by gifting Auditors and inspectors and treated as good advances till the sanctioning officer wither is promoted or get safe exit from the bank. Honest workers are made scapegoat for the misdeeds of big executives.

It is undeniably truth that excellent results exhibited through annual balance sheets are due to devoted work of good performers and it is they who are salvaging banks from the misdeeds of bad officers. As such shining balance sheet of a bank should not give conclusion that the results shown are hard work of top officials sitting in AC rooms but that of field workers who are head of a branch and who is doing hard worker even under acute manpower shortage. 

In banks manpower is adequately provided only to flatterers even if he has caused banks crores of rupees. 

Until RBI or CBI catch hold of corrupt executives and punish the evil performers and at the same time award those officers who have been whimsically kept away from promotions and unless good officers are given respectable posting and promotions one cannot imagine of any rise in intrinsic value of any bank

On the contrary PSU banks are facing erosion in intrinsic value due to dirty implementation of apparently good HRD policies. In the name of Interview any employee can be deprived of and denied of promotion. Power makes executive corrupt if the decisions made by them are not transparent and subject to review. 

Root cause of persistence and promotion of such corrupt officers is due to the bitter fact that even courts fail to provide justice in decades together and this is why management bosses indulge in whimsical promotions, arbitrary transfers and postings.


Partha Roy said...

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Danendra said...

It is very much difficult , rather a dream to expect justice in Indian judiciary , not to speak of administration or political system or police system

Danendra said...

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