Thursday, August 26, 2010

Flattery brings power

Government of India framed policy for posting of bank employees in Villages as also for posting in North Eastern States to promote rural banking and to help development work in rural areas and North Eastern states. But unfortunately this noble policy is also misused by top officials of banks.

When an officer fails to serve self interest of an executive or does not act as per whims of the executive, such officer become target of the executive. The executive uses his power of transfer and issues order transferring the services of such disobedient officer to either remote villages or to critical branches located in North East States

Management of banks have always misused this excellent policy to discard non-flatterers and to torture those employees who do not indulge in corrupt practices as per fancies of the boss and who do not implements bad orders of the executives.

If RBI or any investigating agency makes an honest inquiry and peeps into records of promotion and posting of any bank he will definitely find that some officers have been working in villages for two or three decades whereas flatterers of the top officials of the management have been allowed to work in Metros for decades together.

When an officer do not provide gifts to General Manager, he is posted in North Eastern States on the plea of Non Performance whereas those who commit fraud or indulge in irregular credits but always provide golden gifts to GMs, DGMs, AGMs in the name of some function or the other (like inauguration or customer’s meeting) are allowed to remain in big towns.

Some officers are simply creating bad advances and some others are constrained to recover the bad advances merely to save the corrupt officers from punishment. This is why loans or advances become Sub Standard in one or two years of its disbursement. It is also a bitter fact that such bad advances are concealed by gifting Auditors and inspectors and treated as good advances till the sanctioning officer is either promoted or retired from the bank.

Honest workers are made scapegoat for the misdeeds of bad executives.. It is undeniably truth that excellent results exhibited through annual balance sheets are due to devoted work of good performers and that of good officers who are salvaging banks from the misdeeds of bad officers.

As such shining balance sheet of a bank should not give conclusion that the results shown are hard work of top officials sitting in AC rooms but it is undoubtedly due to hard work of field workers who are head of a branch and who have been doing hard work even under several constraints including acute manpower shortage.

It is desirable to point out here that manpower in banks is adequately provided only to those Branches which are headed by a flatterer even if he has caused loss to banks in crores of rupees. On the contrary if any executive desires to take revenge or to tactfully torture an officer, he will try to remove good supporting staff from the branch where non flatterer officer is head of a branch.

Until RBI or CBI catch hold of corrupt executives and punish the evil performers and at the same time award those officers who have been whimsically kept away from promotions and unless good officers are given respectable posting and promotions one cannot imagine of any rise in intrinsic value of any bank

On the contrary PSU banks are facing erosion in intrinsic value due to dirty implementation of apparently good HRD policies. Any employee can be deprived of good posting and denied of timely promotion by a corrupt boss by giving such employee the least possible marks in Interview.

Power makes executive corrupt if the decisions made by them are not transparent and subject to review. Root cause of persistence and promotion of such corrupt officers is due to the bitter fact that even courts fail to provide justice in decades .There is no reason to disbelieve that due to ineffectiveness of courts, top officials in banks usually indulge in giving whimsical promotions and also in issuing arbitrary orders for transfers and postings of non-flatterers.

As a mater of fact such unhealthy culture prevails in most of the government offices, departments and Public Sector undertakings. Even Indian courts are victim of this culture and this is why lacs of cases are pending in various courts and justice is seldom available from Indian courts in time.

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