Saturday, August 28, 2010

Whisle Blowers and Informers will now be rewarded

Why government is so weak and helpless that it cannot catch ill earned money, black money or money parked in Swiss bank or domestic banks? Why should informer take the risk of informing endangering his personal life? Everyone in India knows that Government has failed to save common men from extorters and local dada elements available in small or big towns. Even Home Minister has expressed his helplessness on large scale extortion carried out by Maoist. Even police personnel MLAs and MPs pay to these local Mafias to survive.

Who will save India from corrupt people sitting at all important posts? Is our government now dependent fully on informers and whistle blowers on the matter of corruption or terrorism or naxailism? Why does our government want department meant for this purpose to keep their eyes and ears closed and become active only when media or any informer cry or make an issue of it?

Top IAS officers are caught with ill earned crores of rupees,MPs are caught having or reported to be have hundreds of crores of rupees though they earn less than Rs.50000/ p.m., Ministers 9like (Lalu,Madhu Koda, Sibu Soren, Kalamadi and others ) are said to be involved in corrupt wealth game (CWG), several government babus have been found to be millionaire and accumulated property worth ten time of their total earning in total of their service or business life, pundits and protectors of religious trust at Balaji have been caught in scam worth thousand of crores of rupees in changing of pure gold ornament by fake gold , several IT officials have been caught red handed accepting bribe , and so on. Now even judges have been found copying and using illegal means to pass the examination for promotion.

Judges and advocates are found and trapped copying or using unfair means during examination for promotion. It is not a new thing in India. Almost all examinations and all Interviews taking place in India are conducted carelessly with malicious intention of earning unfair gifts and bribe from examinee and hence use of unfair means during examination is very much common. Bribing the team members of Interview panel to ensure success in recruitment or in promotion processes is the tradition in all offices, banks and insurance companies. Right from school examinations to all top examinations and also in all competitive examinations, large scale use of unfair means takes place in nexus with inspecting officers or invigilators. Leaking of question papers of all important exams is possible and examinees usually take help of leaked question papers to pass the exams. There are some publishers who sell the guess papers at phenomenal high rate containing important questions acquired from question setters. There are many top officials in all offices who sell even postings, no to speak of promotions and recruitments. This is our great India.

Corruption is so much spread in every corner of the country and so much effectively in practice that honest and sincere student and sincere workers have become helpless and there is fact none to raise voice against corrupt people. Even if someone raises voice there is in fact none to listen or else voice raiser is directly or indirectly punished by the corrupt system or he is tortured to surrender or succumb to die. Birds of same feather are sitting on effective and powerful post. Even judges are corrupt and hence one cannot dream of justice through legal action. Now-a-days it is safe to follow corrupt ways and means to grow richer and more powerful and also to lead a peaceful and pleasant life. Otherwise it is better to become silent spectators of all corrupt practices and try at least to bear with reign of injustice.


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