Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Rajya Sabha Member of Parliament

Latest news of corruption is that a few MLAs of Jharkhand state sold their votes in Rs.50 lacs to rupees one crore to RS candidates during recently held Rajya Sabha election. This is not a new event or astonishing case of corruption in Indian politics. . In past too, MLAs were found to sell their votes. MPs sold votes to ensure victory of Narsimha Rao Government, MPs earned money by raising questions during question hours on behalf of those who paid money, and MPs have quarreled with chairs and tables in Parliament, indulged in road side like fights in Parliament and state assemblies.

If any investigating agency inquires honestly and sincerely about real growth of assets of MLA and MPs and their family (members pre and post election) they will definitely find a multifold growth. An MLA who could not repay his IRDP loan in a village in Jharkhand became owner of property of worth hundred of crores of rupees after becoming minister. People have seen the charisma of Madhu Koda and Sibu Soren.

There are thousands of MPs and MLAs (ex or serving) in India whose property have gone upto fifty and hundred crores after their election in assembly or in Parliament. But who will investigate.

In present case of CWG even ex CVC says to star TV that he was directed not to interfere in CWG affairs.

CBI officers or Vigilance officers, all fear of remote posting or non promotion in career if they go against the wishes of ruling party.

When Masters (of Corruption) and Doctors (in Corruption) are sitting on top posts in all offices, who will dare to correct the corrupt system.

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