Friday, August 6, 2010

Suresh Kalmadi not ready to resign from CWG

A few persons have been removed form corrupt wealth games team after week long exposure made by TV media. Actual guilty who promotes and irrigates corrupt activities by verbal or telephonic instruction is more often than not acquitted or awarded. This is why Suresh Kalmadi do not accept the moral responsibility in CWG scam.

It is not Suresh Kalmadi alone who is standing and telling boldly that he will not resign despite clear cut exposure made by Times Now, IBN and other TV channels. In fact Congress Party as a whole is behind him.They are birds of same feather. All are sitting in glass chamber. Almost all top persons in the party or in administration are corrupt. Because only those who are yesmen, who are having expertise in flattery, who know the art of earning bribe and art of sharing the same with bosses, ministers, police person, CBI, vigilance and other linked persons can get promotion, best posting, responsibility of managing big jobs, contractors, advertisers and other bribe fetching activities and it is they who get all favurs from all bosses and heavy weights. Who will then bell the ca t is a million dollar question.

Another bitter truth is that in our country big shots in all offices are always left untouched from punishment in all cases of big scams, scandals, frauds or any irregular activities. In all such cases, clerks, peons, small level officers or persons who do not have any Godfather to back them are made scapegoat. And top level officers and ministers on the other hand get better assignment and quickest promotion.Lalu Yadav became Railway Minister inspite of his clear cut involvement in 1000 crore worth Chhara Ghotala. Even in current case of Commonwealth Game Scam, if proper investigation is made it will undoubtedly reveal that most of team members have black background and corrupt history.

Media will cry and become silent gradually. Some task force committee or some inquiry committee will be formed to look into the mater and submit report and then as usually happens, entire episode will be sent for hibernation for ever. Because such team is also made of same flatterers and commission earner.

In fact this is the true story of Indian politics, Indian judiciary and Indian administration where all cream posts are filled by flatterers, yes-men and such persons who are having PhD in taking care of bosses in money matters, welcome issues and secrecy principles bypassing all moral values. One can become even President of India by this art.

In India honesty and merit is never attached any value in the matter of promotion, posting and allotment of duty. And this is the root cause of rampant corruption and inaction from judiciary adds fuel to fire. Honesty is seldom, not always the best policy in India. Indian as to learn to respect honesty and sincerity and then only corrupt person can be discarded and weed out from the system and this is a Himalyan Task which can be accomplished by a dare devil person, if at all some such person becomes PM of the country.

Mera Desh Mahan, Yahan sub kuch bikta hai, Insaniyat bikti hai,Iman bikta hai, pyar bikta hai, admi bikta hai. Aurat bikti hai aur phir kya bachta hai

Danendra Jain

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