Friday, October 15, 2010

Politicians sow the seeds of Corruption

Politicians often talk of black money parked in Swiss Banks but always fail in their exercise because they are not honest in their utterings.They made unprecedented hue and cry before last general election on huge amount of black money parked in Swiss Banks but politicians of all parties became almost silent after the declaration of election result. What they say and what they mean to do is always different. India is still rated rate as one of the top corrupt nations and one of the top ranking hunger inflicted state of the world even though Indian leaders claim and feel proud of achieving comparable GDP growth in the economy and said to be decoupled with global recession or global financial meltdown.

As a matter of fact rulers of this country could not stop increasing trend of corrupt practices in the system and continuous rise in formation, use and promotion of black money in the country and hence they cannot force foreign country to declare name of Indians who have parked money in Swiss bank. Similarly when investing agencies like CBI, ED, Vigilance, IT officials and other regulating agencies are themselves corrupt they cannot stop spreading cancer of corruption in the Indian body system.

(When rulers themselves are corrupt they cannot endanger their own money parked in either Swiss Bank or in Indian financial and real estate sector. When our rulers cannot stop Indian brand of terrorist known as Maoist or naxals on some plea or the other they cannot dream of stopping foreign based terrorist carrying out terror attacks on India.)

It is rightly said by the great writer Munsi Pre Chand.
"Jab Rakchak hi Bhakchak Ban jaye to vinash nishchit Hai"

When almost every minister at Center and almost every minister in each State government is indulged in making money through corrupt means, when officers in general are involved in corrupt game played by politicians and when all authorities entrusted with the duty of stopping and removing corruption from the system and finally unearthing ill earned money are busy in making money through corrupt means who will make serious efforts to unearth money held in Swiss Bank.

Persons or group of person who have kept their black money in Swiss Bank are none other than politicians and government officers. When top officers and top ministers are corrupt one cannot imagine of businessmen and professionals abiding by Indian rules and following rule of ethics. It is government officers and politicians who make survival of honest service men, honest businessmen and professionals difficult and force them to manufacture black money and share with them to live peacefully. Honesty has rather become curse for government servants as well as businessmen and professionals.

Black money is not only in Swiss bank, it is parked in banks in India too. Black money is concealed in form of gold, land and building, apartment, big bazaars, farm houses, private professional colleges and in almost all big houses. Black money is visible to all whose eye is not jaundiced with the decease of black money. Nine out of ten multi storied residential building and commercial complex in Metros and big towns are constructed by ill earned black money only. It is open secret. As such it is not necessary to focus attention on money parked in Swiss Bank and make politics out of it but is more important to focus on black money parked in India and which is visible in India itself.

It is necessary for almost all politician and officers working in government and government departments to introspect and look into their heart whether they are really honest. Politicians in general cannot afford contesting and winning an election without the help of black money received from businessmen and at the same time without the indirect support of controlling officials none of the businessmen can imagine of tax evasion.

Without the support of corrupt officers, none of the contractors in India can carry out their tendered allotted work. More than fifty percent of value of contract work allotted by government to contractors is consumed in distributing commissions to corrupt officers and politicians. Ministers cannot even organize a rally without the financial support from local corrupt officers, black money of rich businessmen and professional.

I therefore feel that work of purification should start from our own land, our own offices, our own banks, our own politics, and our own administrative system. Foul game to blame to foreign agencies for every lapse on our part must stop forthwith if we Indians are really interested to see India shining.

India must stop flattery culture because this culture is the root cause of all evils. None of government servants can dream of good posting and timely promotion without indulging in flattery to big bosses and powerful politicians. It is therefore necessary to make transfer, posting and promotion fully transparent and remove all bottlenecks which gives scope of whimsical decision in the matter of posting and promotions. It is the need of the hour to punish those who are misusing their delegated powers and who promote flattery culture by taking arbitrary decisions.

CBI, Vigilance department, Band, IT department, IB ,Anti corruption offices ,custom officials all such regulating agencies which are established for prevention and elimination of corrupt practices should be made more powerful and given sufficient man power to carry out their holy job. Any officers found indulging in corrupt practice in such department should be punished severely without any discrimination based on caste, community or religion.

Political interference in administrative matters, police action and judiciary must be stopped even if for this matter rules of the land are needed to be altered, made more severe and non-discriminatory. Delegation of power in one hand at all levels and in all offices must be diluted to the possible extent without giving scope of delay in execution of plan and projects. Officers who misuse power must be punished immediately.

And last but not the least, MLA and MP who rule the country should not be elected by votes of illiterate and criminals but selected from top IAS and IPS officers, toppers of colleges, reputed social reformers, successful bankers, reputed honest businessmen and from persons of undisputed character. System of garlanding top officials and political leaders, giving red carpet welcome to top officers must be stopped immediately. Practice of spending crores of rupees in inaugural functions or in felicitating top officials or ministers must be stopped forthwith through an ordinance at least for one year to start with.

Judiciary should be provided adequate quality man power so that pendency in court is made zero and justice is made available in shortest span of time to all aggrieved Indian citizen. An environment has to be created in the country where criminals of all nature have fear of action in their mind and in their core of heart. It is tragedy that in our country police actions in our country is against good citizens and punitive action through court orders is also possible against good citizens. Actual crime doers use judiciary to perpetuate their reign of crime .If this fear of action is ensured at all levels I am very much sure that black money from Swiss Bank or Indian Banks will automatically come on the floor and people will be motivated to use the money for constructive purposed rather than parking in foreign or Indian bank.

Honesty is the best policy has to be proved at ground level. Merit and merit has to be respected in our country if we Indians really want India to grow at grass root level.GDP growth shown by ministers to International agencies is not at all helpful and pleasant for majority of Indians who are unable to even afford their normal livelihood and manage respectful life.

It is worthwhile to mention here US President Mr. Obama has taken many steps to reform US banking culture taking lessons from 2008 financial crisis. On the contrary our government is still unaware of growing sickness in Indian banks only because we Indian know how to play with data, sink and swim in the sea of data. When USA, pioneer of reformation, liberalization, privatization and globalization has started revisiting the policy of outsourcing, policy of concentration of power in few hands, policy of complete freedom to trade icons and policy of complete freedom to banking industry so that more and more employment opportunities are generated for US citizens, expenses on executives is cut to size, and corrupt practices in US system is put an end for good and for eve.

Why not Indian politicians learn lesson from their masters at least and ensure transparency in all their action and why do they not discard vote bank politics based on caste, community, religion and region is a big question to answer and a big challenge for those whose vision is to see India really shining in the world.

Danendra Jain

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