Sunday, October 10, 2010

Nav Nirman in Bank

Do you know a Bank of flatterers, sycophants, yes-men and money makers?

Do you know a Bank where most of top executives are accused of corruption, where officers are promoted, posted and transferred as per whims of big bosses and where seniority is meaningless, merit is useless, only godfather is counted?

Where old officers are shunted away and humiliated whereas young but incapable are being given better scale and better posting?

Do you know a bank where goof officers do not to be promoted, do not take part in promotion process, do not want to take initiative, and do not put his knowledge, innovative ideas into action?

Do you know a bank where art of making career and leading a comfortable life is to praise bosses, union leaders, give golden gifts to bosses and union leaders, earn money through illegal means and share the same with bosses and leaders?

Do not bother if accounts becomes NPA, you should know how to rephase them, restructure them, hide them from system driven NPA or ultimately write off them or compromise with borrowers - that too if you get some incentive from bank as well as customers. You need not worry for action even if commit fraud or indulge in corrupt practices, provided you have some God father in higher management or in Union domain. On the contrary you are not safe even if you are dry honest, late sitter, loyal to bank and hard worker if you do not know how to keep your boss happy.

In brief, do you know a bank where manipulation is the backbone for survival and flattery is career maker?
Do you know Bank Where Good officers are afraid of sanctioning credit and bad officers are going up and up by making bad advances? A bank where experienced, knowledgeable, talented officers are kept away from mainstream and deprived of promotion because they do not support lending to bad businessmen and they only make sincere efforts for recovery from NPA borrowers even if their action hurts some or the other executives.

In a bank where Executives are those who know how to keep higher bosses happy , who are expert in keeping RBI people happy and who are well versed in concocting attractive report to please bosses in Banking Division , Ministry of Finance.
Do you know a bank where loan are disbursed and waived only if one has good liasoning with big bosses and big union leaders?

CA s are purchased and gifted to put their signature blindly as CAs normally desire. There are many types of NPA, declared, hidden, system driven, EAS, SMA, restructured standard etc. Latest strategy is to sell NPA to ARC. Notwithstanding this or that, hidden NPA is likely to explode sooner or later.

Who will after all cure the system where all are birds of the same feather in bank or in RBI or in Ministry?

Who will verify and assess he assets of big bosses?

Bosses know the art of making clerks and innocent officers as scapegoat for all of their misdeeds; they use phones and verbal instructions for ill motivated works. When clerks or junior officers commit mistakes, when fraud or robbery takes place in a branch, Manager is held accountable and punished. But when most of the BM indulges in malpractices, Regional heads are not booked to severe task. So bosses need not worry.
After all Time will expose the reality of such bank and its executives, ED and CMD. Let us wait for result of Half year ended and half year to come. Last quarter result exposed Indian Bank. Future will expose some other bank. I do not know when RBI will open the eyes.

The problem is that everyone in the government is accustomed to accepting shoddy work, corruption and reign of injustice perpetuated by gang of flatterers. As a matter of fact evil doers are in all government offices; the huge malady lies in not only one or two banks, but in all departments where government is having direct or indirect control.

I am astonished that efforts are being made to give a hike in the salary of those officers who are executives of banks and who are solely responsible for the mess they have created in bank. These corrupt executive already got preferred treatment in last Bipartite Settlement. Only quality of these executives is that they speak good English to influence their bosses.

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