Sunday, November 21, 2010

manmohan Sing Action or Inaction

Prime Minister has submitted an affidavit to Supreme Court in response to an order given by the court while hearing a Public Interest Litigation filed by Mr. Subramium Swamy in connection with corruption involved in allocation of 2G spectrums. In the affidavit, advisors and advocates of Manmohan Singh have pleaded that Mr. Singh has not ignored any letter of Mr. Swamy, rather he has responded every letter and referred the letters to Joint Secretary or Secretary or referred the matter to Telecom Ministry. But mere writing of letters or forwarding the same to his subordinates in response to a public complain of such serious nature is of no use until it results in material action thereafter. Effectiveness of Prime Minister would have been established if it could have helped in stopping of occurrence of scam of such high value. . When PM cannot ensure action on an important letter for such a long period, how can he expect quick action from his subordinates in matters related to common men? How can Supreme Court exonerate Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and treat him as innocent and effective PM only because he has forwarded such important letter of complaints to his subordinate is a million dollar question.

In a PSU bank, if Manager Director ask ED and ED advises General Managers to ensure transparent, valued based and secure lending and they in turn send a circular to all branches to this effect there is no guarantee that every Branch Manager will follow the circular in true spirit. Because when ED is corrupt his actions will force a General Manager to manage golden and diamond gift( bribe either in cash or in kind ) for ED at all Branches. If General Manager is corrupt he cannot morally take action against his subordinate Deputy General Manager. This chain goes upto filed level and each Branch Head is constrained to indulge in corrupt practices and which ultimately results in assets turning substandard and ultimately banks have to suffer loss or provide for the same. Actions of MD, ED and General Manager do not demonstrate their honesty and seriousness to work. Action of Regional Head do not send message to branches that they should avoid bribe based lending. On the contrary if a corrupt officer s are promoted by top officials in promotion process, crystal clear message goes to all branches that dishonesty is the best policy. And this is the bitter truth of most of the banks.

Not only Bank all other offices like Income tax department, custom department, pollution control department, passport office , courts, sales tax department, industrial offices, land acquisition offices, public works division are following the same culture. Until top officials are booked to task, no power on earth can stop corrupt practices. None of top officials or ministers are punished which can generate demonstrative effect on juniors. Unfortunately whenever big scam or any fraud or any case of corruption is detected, it is always the juniors who are made scapegoat and punished. It is bitter truth that persons sitting at higher post and who are actually master mind behind all evils are acquitted by the corrupt system. I have experienced this bitter truth in bank where big bosses manage high value lending to bad businessmen and ultimately junior officers such as Branch Managers are punished ot transferred to some other branch.

Similarly our beloved Prime Minister Mr. Manmohan Singh has submitted before the Apex court that he acted on all letters but allowed the loss to exchequer to happen and thought it wise to remain a silent spectator of all corrupt practices going on in 2G spectrum or CWG or Adarsh Society scam and also in all departments under him , even in PMO .I am therefore of the view that all top officials involved in all scams must be punished in such a severe way that juniors never dare follow the evil practice. Flattery culture prevalent in all offices has to be stopped immediately and in all cases of corruption top officers have necessarily be booked to task before any junior is touched. Mere resignation from the post or change of ministry is not going to serve any purpose.

It is a matter of pleasure that Apex court has at least taken cognizance of the scam and ordered PM to explain for his silence for almost two years. Let us see whether Apex Court is satisfied by the affidavit submitted by Doctor Manmohan Singh or not or decides to award token punishment to PM. I however give Great salute to person like Swamy who has exhibited patience and courage to fight against the powerful lobby and well rooted corrupt system. It is right to conclude that so called action of Manmohan Singh pleaded by his advisers is adequate to establish his inaction and his malicious intention behind continued silence.
Danendra Jain

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