Sunday, November 14, 2010

Who will punish

Mr. Raja has resigned after much hue and cry in the Parliament, in print media and on various TV channels. Image of our country is getting tarnished year after year. Our country’s image is assessed by world leaders and this is why our ranking among most corrupt countries in the world is deteriorating. Mr. Manmohan Singh ,the respectable PM acts only when level of corruption crosses the tolerance limits of votes, common men , media men and when opposition parties come together to dethrone him. Before that Manmohan Singh and his team, his flatterers and his all party workers upto ground level, all enjoy money, accumulate money as much as possible.

Even after exposure of these powerful men like Raja or Kalamadi, Chauhan or his associates, no punishment to any corrupt person is eventually awarded. Rather such tainted high profile persons will be made Governor of a state or President of Country or Chairmen of some body and after some days pulled back to the same post when common men forget everything.. On the other hand a one man committee will be formed to investigate the charges and finally close the matter for ever.

This is our India when high profile person is never punished even if the scam value is worth hundreds and thousands of crores of rupees whereas a simple clerk may be dismissed even if there is a case of fraud or misuse of a few hundred or a few thousand of rupees.Lacs of crores of rupees are blocked in will defaulters of banks, Income Tax Department, electricity department, telephone departments, custom department and all due to hidden support these high profile persons are getting directly or indirectly from political lobby ruling the country and various states. No action may be visualized against big shots. It is always the poor and middle class government servants who are victimized by the corrupt system.


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