Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Central Bureau of Investigation CBI

CBI has never been trustworthy. It acts as puppet in the hands of ruling party. CBI is constituted of human being and these human beings too have greed for power and wealth as members of ruling party have in general. Posting and promotions of CBI officials is in the hands of ruling party stalwarts. Everyone knows that in India promotions and posting takes place not on the basis of merit or seniority but strictly on the basis of flattery and gifts one offers to his bosses, his mentors, to his God fathers, to politicians etc.CBI officers also depend on the mercy of ministers for their posting and promotions.

As such all government officials, politicians and ministers are indulged in making money by ill means and mutual blame game continues. CBI officials, IT officials, vigilance officials, custom officials and in brief all officers whose fate depends on the whims and fancies of ministers support each other , save each other and make money to the best extent possible. Officers who blindly support ministers in particular and public representatives in general get preferences in posting and promotions. In this way politicians and officers join together and identify their target, blackmail culprits or even innocents to earn more and more money in time as short as possible. After retirement from service many good officers from CBI and other departments have openly criticized the government and exposed how they acted as desired by ministers.

This is why none of VIP has ever been punished in the past, cases of VIP is either inordinately delayed or charge sheet is framed with incomplete information so that the same may be quashed by courts in India. In cases where exposure is such that action becomes inevitable, some low level innocent workers are made scapegoat and VIP are acquitted. Unfortunately judiciary is also victim of the same disease and hence no solution is available and no remedy is visible to innocent persons in Indian system.

Everything is manageable if one offers money to CBI or ruling party, or any Dabang (effective and powerful) leader. Bofors case is recommended for closure after prolonging the case for almost three decades. Nothing happened to culprits in 1984 anti-Sikh riots. Arushi case recommended for closure by CBI after prolonged torturous and humiliating treatment given to Mr. Talwar father of Arushi. This is not astonishing to any Indian who is acquainted with behaviors, working style and functioning record of CBI and that of ruling party stalwarts or that of even media men who acts as broker between CBI, ruling party members and the family of culprits. Lacs of cases in various courts in India are languishing undecided for years and years together. Nothing is expected to happen to actual culprits in CWG scam or 2G spectrum scam or Adarsh Society Apartment scam. Drama of investigation by CBI or by so many other bodies will continue for decades and decades.

There is none to take care of injustice and to make efforts to ensure justice for the aggrieved person. This is India where everyone preaches sermons but none acts effectively to cure the disease forever. It is pity that even media men have become agents of heavyweights in politics or that in business.

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