Thursday, February 10, 2011

Key to success is Flattery

Rajasthan chief minister Ashok Gehlot on Wednesday asked minister of state for panchayati raj and waqf Amin Khan to resign for insinuating that President Prathiba Patil had curried favour with the Gandhi family. Some TV channels aired Khan's speech in which he said the President had done dishes and cooked food for former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi in the late 1970s.

Whether one accepts or not the fact revealed by Mr. Amin Khan, it is bitter truth and undeniable reality of Indian politics, Indian administration and Indian society. Only flatterers prosper in service life or in public life, only flatterers can get a ticket for general election, only flatterer businessmen can get tax rebate, subsidy and license in time, only flatterers can get quick promotion, choice posting and become wealthy in no time, only yes-men are powerful in their area of operation and
on the contrary,
Persons who are not apt in the art of flattery are removed, rejected, isolated and dejected.
In service life there are very negligible instances when non flatterers are elevated to higher post.
It is true for India that even person for the post of President of India, (not to speak of officers in other government department, PSUs, PSBs or director of any PSU) is selected on the quality and quantity of flattery, not the talent and intelligentsia of the person.

Mr. Abdul Kalam was not the choice of UPA for the post of President of India when he ended his first term; Mr. T. N. Sheshan, the ex election commissioner who brought about tremendous and commendable reformations in the election processes in India was not liked by any India level politician for the post of President of India or for even a ticket for Parliamentary seat. There are several IAS and IPS officers in India who are facing the most torturous life due to frequent transfers and critical posting only because of the fact that he or she avoided flattery to ministers and higher bosses. Such officers are never selected for promotion by competent authority. There are many examples of effective honest officers and whistle blowers who were remove, killed, or burnt to death only because they went against the mainstream where only dirty water flows.

Provision of Interview in all important appointments, promotions and postings is such a tool which gives enormous powers to members of Interview panel to take arbitrary and whimsical decisions. This is why even tainted person like Thomas was selected for the post of CVC. Further Mr. Thomas has also rightly told to apex court that there are more than 150 MPs who are facing charges of corruption or crime or involved in court cases but allowed to become Minister and hold high posts in India.

This is after all India where all top ranked officers in almost all offices, banks, insurance companies, PSUs are invariably product of flattery and flattery only. Merit or talent seldom gets awarded. The word flattery is not exposed or popular but the word Merit and Talent is more popular and often used by flatterers while preaching sermons in public domain. I therefore congratulate Mr. Khan who is bold and courageous to tell openly about the past of Mrs. Pratibha Patil, President of India. It is also a fact that person like Mr. Khan cannot survive in Congress Party and as such Mr. Khan has to see exit door very soon.Congress Party is undoubtedly a party of flatterers and faltterers only . Those who fail to worship Sonia and her family has to leave the party and the key posts sooner or the later.

In America or Europe there is no such example of flattery as personal security officer of Mayawati did a few days ago in the state of Uttar Pradesh when he bent down to clean the footwear of Ms Mayawati CM of Uttar Pradesh. In USA, officers hardly spend any amount of money on extending red carpet welcome to visitors or in making arrangement for a meeting headed by top officers in office or in welcome of a high profile dignitary. It is India where crores or rupees are daily spent by all offices on extending hospitality to VIPs. In USA flowers are offered to VIPs or beloved but in India the quality and cost of gifts offered by any person to VIP decides the fate of welcome.

It will not be an exaggeration to say that everybody wants flattery in offices in India and the more powerful is the post of the officer, the more will he get flattery from juniors and the more costly are the gifts to be given. Flattery is of various varieties and is chosen by flatterer and yes-men as per the quality of the VIP officer and as per the value of opportunity.

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