Saturday, April 9, 2011

Record Breaker Manmohan Singh

I express my whole hearted support in any movement which is against corrupt leaders, corrupt officers and corrupt system of the country. I express my solidarity with movement launched under the leadership of Anna Hazare. But as long as Manmohan Singh and his flatterers are in power we cannot dream of any change in corrupt system. There is an old proverb "Chor Chor Mosere Bhai" or we can say that they all (particularly all ministers) are bird of same feather. They could do nothing during last 6 years of their rule under the leadership of clean image great economist Mr. Manmohan Singh.

Political parties in general and Congress Party in particular which ruled for major period of time could do nothing to stop spread of cancer of corruption during last 60 years of Independence though all politicians have been preaching to ensure honest government and to provide corruption free system,.

Rather during the leadership of Manmohan Singh the corruption has crossed all limit of tolerance. Scam worth lacs of crores of rupees have occurred during last 6 years but Manmohan and his team of corrupt leaders thought it wise to remain silent or close the chapter of scam for ever or they tried their level best not to accept alleged corruption or divert the mind of people towards nonsensical issues like secularism or reservation.

It will not be an exaggeration to say that Manmohan Singh and his current government have proved to be complete failure and anti-common men and pro rich people. Manmohan‘s name should be registered in Guineas Books of Record for allowing the highest number of scams with highest value in history of Indian independent rule. Congress Party under the leadership of learned Manmohan Singh has broken all past records of corruption in the world.

will sooner or later realize that they committed blunder by voting Congress Party to power. People of various states like Gujarat, Bihar, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh where government is of NDA are very happy and where instances of scam are nil and negligible compared to what has happened in UPA ruled states during last six years. UPA at center is trying its best to use a few stray incidents of corruption occurred during NDA rule to puncture the movement consolidating against Manmohan Singh in India but it will definitely fail , there is no doubt in it. People have enormous power and patience and when they revolt, none of rulers who are corrupt can be saved.

As such need of the hour is to intensify the movement and force the government either to resign and pave the way for others or be prepared to face punishment in the hands of common men. I once again affirm my full support to movement against corruption. Congress Party leaders are misinterpreting their acquired majority in Parliament as people’s will. They should always keep in mind that they have hardly support of 30% of seats and 30% of votes and obviously majority of voters are against misrule of Congress Party lead UPA government. It is only divided opposition which has enabled Congress party to come to power.

I am therefore of the opinion that all person and all opposition parties which are genuinely frustrated with rampant corruption should come together and come forward to dethrone Manmohan Singh and his government .Ramdeo Baba and all saints, right thinking social workers, intellectuals and lawyers who have been advocating corruption free India since long should also extend full support to people’s movement in true spirit.

I however congratulate Anna Hazare and his supporters for initial success they have got in persuading and forcing UPA government to accept the need of new act to deal with corrupt politicians and corrupt officials. I once again appeal to all of them to be vigilant and not to be swayed away by false promises made by present government led by Manmohan Singh. Advocates like Kapil Sibal and Manu Singhwi of Congress party are well versed in contesting legal battle even on behalf of evil doers and they cannot give good idea to Manmohan Singh. Anna’s supporters have therefore to apply our mind before they accept any befooling proposal given by clever advocates of Manmohan Singh and continue their fight against corruption as long as they get the real victory. Making of new laws is not that much important as it is to ensure honest execution of Laws and rules already in existence.

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