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Role of Central Bureau of Investigation


It is necessary to create fear in the mind of evil doers by punishing top ranked corrupt officers and ministers who perpetrate evil work, irrigate and promote evil culture by taking support of his flatterers and yes-men. For this purpose they evil doers and mischievous officials misuse the delegated powers of posting and promotions invested in them.. These powers of posting and promotion have to be completely changed to avoid the word of discretion or interview which gives ample scope for whimsical decisions. The concerned Law or the concerned policy of the department must be changed and made made seniority based and fully transparent so that corrupt officers cannot manipulate the posting and promotion as per whims and cannot post all flatterers at key posts .It is very sad that In the existing system honest and devoted workers are shunted away and posted at the most critical place because perpetrators of corrupt practices do not want to see any impediments in their path.

Corrupt officers and corrupt politicians who are powerful know it very well that none of Indian courts can punish them for their evil work. They also know that even if they are trapped or exposed they can manage police, investigating agencies and also judiciary by dint of their money power. Courts are unable to decide any case without spending two to three decades and by that time relevance of injustice in promotion and posting will be over.

Corruption flows from the top. When the top officers and ministers are punished it will create a demonstrative effect down the level. Unfortunately in our country for all big scams low level officers and clerical staff are made scapegoat and punished whereas ministers and top officers who verbally gives instructions to his subordinates for doing evil works are not even touched. This gives wrong signal to good workers. During last five years or fifty years, none of rulers have taken any drastic action against any corrupt person at top position which could have produced demonstrative effect on other politicians or on other officers. On the contrary every corrupt officers who got exposed due to some reason or the other got acquitted and rather promoted by the system and hence the trend of corruption got aggravated and by now it has become an accepted culture.

This is why I am of strong views that root cause of all malady lies in selection, recruitment, promotion, posting and transfer of bad workers who are flatterers and yes-man of the boss, minster or local rich person. Thousands of transfers of staff take place after change of Chief Minister in a state due to this corrupt culture.

Everyone in service sector in India especially in state services knows that he or she has to pay thousands and lacs of rupees to his higher bosses for getting cream posting and quick promotion superseding several senior and capable staff. In politics a person can get party ticket for contesting a general election for state assembly or for Parliament only when he or she is a goof flatterer of a minister or undisputed yes-man of party bosses and also he or she can spend crores of rupees for fighting election as also for giving donation to the political party.

Merit is not awarded in our country in any field of life. Good work is not recognized anywhere in the country. This is why people prefer becoming yes man and earning illegal money along with bosses. Society also is unable to distinguish rich but corrupt officers from poor but honest hard workers. If bad workers get appreciation and recognition all where, it is but natural that good workers will gradually discard their goodness. This is happening in our country and we proudly say that this is Indian style of working, corruptions is accepted system and so on.

In some of PSU banks their CMDs , EDs or General Managers or DGMs are so much clever that they are earning money even by way of recruiting person from campus or formal interview directly in even higher scales. They in this way give pain to those officers who have been honestly and sincerely serving the bank for last 5 to 35 years. They are humiliating senior workers by promoting juniors and appointing fresher in higher scales in the name of reformation .They are even promoting to even corrupt and inefficient workers and ignoring good workers only because they believe in flattery, golden gifts, red carpet welcome and lending to bad borrowers. Due to such wrongful execution of good policies unhealthy culture is developed and workers of such bank become indifferent to safety of bank’s assets. Even RBI , Banking Division or Ministry of Finance are manageable provided the top ranked officers is clever to make money ,involve in lobby and take advantage of the lobby to not only remain in the system but always appear as rising star.

Can you take any drastic step to bring about maximum possible transparency in transfer, posting and promotion to ensure completely seniority based promotion and seniority based posting at good places?

Merit of a person is judged by different person in different perspective and hence one person is assessed good or bad depending upon the goodness and badness of assessing authority. In a country when maximum number of people is dishonest it is not desirable to give generalized discretionary powers to all top officers to pick and choose as per their whims. Merit cannot be judged even by number of degrees in a country where even educational degrees are sold in the market or where large scale unfair means are allowed or sold in all examinations. As such it is better to give respect to age of the person than to live the working class on the mercy of corrupt officials.

Last but not the least , solution to all problems India is facing is to make judiciary ,investigating agencies like CBI, monitoring agency like RBI and police department active and effective. And this is possible only when quality and adequate quantity of manpower is provided to such offices .Further the punishment to real culprit can be given in quickest time by providing these departments and offices all required infrastructure to deal with the cases they have to handle so that none of the cases remains pending for more than three months . They must be capable in either awarding punishment or in acquittal of the accused without any fear of repercussion from ministers. It is worthwhile to mention here that even selection ,posting and promotion of vigilance officers , CBI officials , judges depend on the whims and fancies of politicians and ministers in power.

Few questions to Prime Minister

Are you performing your job honestly, sincerely and perfectly? Is your offices and your government under your full command and full control?

Or you are simply using good words like may I help you, Customer is God, write me for redressal of grievances etc.

Do you ever look into complains sent to your office? or allow the disease to assume cancerous proportion till natural death or wait till judiciary gives instruction to the government.

Have you made adequate arrangement to assess the merit of letters and emails sent to you and ensure timely action?

I Think you are least bothered of what public writes to you and similarly other ministers are blind to problem of the public until there is a mass agitation by a group of person and you and your flatterers are forced by media to act . Even then you try to postpone action until Sonia and Rahul permits you.

Are you and your officer workers simply forwarding agent for letters and emails received in your office?

Is your finance minister aware of unhealthy practices prevalent in banking sector in lending as also in execution of HRD related policies?

More than 30 writs have been filed against misdeeds of bank management in promotion, recruitment, second pension option and 9thbipartite settlement etc. Cases are pending in various courts for years together by government remains silent. No need to apply common sense or there is no common sense in the minds of rulers, God knows.

Courts are unable to do justice even in two or three decades and top ranked corrupt officers get retired by that time without facing any punishment. All efforts are made by top officers to save their colleagues in top rank even by changing the rule book if need arises because they know that by the time court will listen the issue , either the complaints will be dead or the relevance of the issue raised will be finished.
Union leaders. Officers Association stalwarts and top ranked officers of banks are working together to commit various fraudulent activities like lending to bad borrowers or writing off of bad debts of rich and affluent persons for their vested interest without take care of banks health.

Bad Assets is increasing in banks year after year. Neither the government nor the bankers are bothered of health of the bank.RBI and Ministry of Finance only talks of Bank rate or repo rate or GDP growth or rising inflation. They are least bothered of pain suffered by common men .RBI dreams of solving problems of common men by monetary measures but I hope they live in fools paradise if they dream so. All reformations initiated by you and followed by your government has become fruitful for rich people and hence richer have grown richer by many times during two decades and poor have become more poor. This is your shining India.

Office of President of India, Prime Minister and Finance Minister simply forward the letter to various offices and close their eyes and ears. Courts are taking decades in delivery of justice. After all who is accountable and punishable for inaction and inefficiency of the government, judiciary and administrative offices?
How long will you befool Indians by preaching sermons and telling sweet words on the eve of election? Ministers and VIPs are busy in attending functions arranged by flatterers and least bothered of public problems.
Are you, your government and President of India meant only to attend glorious and decorated costly functions?
At the cost of repetition, I dare to ask you, after all who is responsible, accountable, punishable and answerable for rampant corruption in the country, reign of injustice, inactive and ineffective judiciary in the country.

Example of banking Industry and why is there need of CBI investigation in conduct of top bankers

A letter addressed to Chairman and Managing Director of a Bank

How many years of service is enough for bank management to assess and judge the potential, character, knowledge, capability, capacity, attitude, managerial skill, innovative skills, creative ideas, ,initiative, willingness, honesty and integrity etc of an officer for giving promotion to him from one grade to another grade, or from one scale to other?

10 years,

20 years,

30 years

or more?

Educational qualification of a staff, record of performance during preceding years and his capacity to satisfy customers is already tested by management during his posting at various branches and offices. What else is then required to be tested by Interview panel to judge whether one staff is suitable for promotion or not?

Quality of an officer is already tested by bank management in span of more than 10 years and even thirty years of service and hence it is foolish to expect from members of Interview panel that during one to three minute interaction with the candidate in Interview process they will be able to extract something additional from the candidate.

Obviously Interview process is used to reject good officers and select officers who may be bad performer but who are the choice of members of Interview panel constituted for promotion process. Officers who are flatterer and who earn bribe and honestly share with their bosses or who is choice of some VIPs can be selected in preference to really good performers only by using weapons of rejection handed over to members of Interview panel.

If 10 to 30 years of service is not adequate to estimate the suitability of an officer for promotion to higher scale I think officers who judge and who are supposed to decide the suitability of an officer for promotion to higher grade or higher scale are incompetent and of doubtful integrity. Obviously such officers should be shown the exit door first.

On the contrary if an officer is not fit for promotion to higher scale even after 10 to 30 years of his service, such incompetent officers should be removed from service or given CRS.Only stopping of annual increment is not enough to penalize such non performers.

It is worthwhile to mention here that officers who work sincerely but not found fit for promotion either by corrupt member of Interview panel in interview process or due to biased rating in Annual appraisal reports are given assignment of higher responsibility by bank management. Such senior officers perform the best but they are not given even annual increment. They are kept in stagnation for three years irrespective of their performance. Juniors who do not perform are getting increment every year without any hindrances whereas seniors who perform better are denied even annual increment. It is justified or not only God knows.

But if an officer has to pass through ordeal of interview for getting promotion to higher grade scale does not seem justified from any angle of consideration. Interview and appraisal system in banking industry prevalent for promotion is totally unjustified, illogical and ill motivated. Such unwarranted processes give enough scope for injustice. Such Interviews are nothing but paves the way for arbitrary promotion to person who are not good for the health of the bank.

This is worthwhile to state that officers who are selected for promotion are invariably found to be guilty of causing loss to bank in subsequent years. It astonishes that officers of negligent and fraudulent character, officers who are charged with various lapses and against whom disciplinary action has been initiated, are selected in faulty promotion processes prevalent in banking industry and conducted by greedy and corrupt senior officers. This is why bad officers are posted as Branch head who do not know how to deal with customers and how to protect the interest of the bank. As a result NPA is increasing year after year in Public sector banks and the government is silent spectator of mischievous acts of top ranked officers.

CBI is more often than not ,asked to investigate into fraud or any matter related to loss of money to bank or any other office, but I am of strong opinion that CBI investigation should be conducted into all recruitment and promotion processes which are taking place and which took place during last 10 to 30 years. This can only reveal the ongoing corrupt and unhealthy practices in the system which leads in unhealthy practices and rise in corruption. Permanent Solution to this cancerous disease of bribe or flattery oriented recruitment, posting, promotion in government offices can only pave the way for real reformation in banking industry in particular and government department in general.

India has seen fake IAS officers, fake teachers, and fake ministers. Indians in general have experienced indifferent attitude of incompetent of government staff in almost all offices. India has suffered huge loss in fake currency note, fake stamp, fake passport, fake ration card, payment for goods and services without its actual delivery, fake schools and colleges and what not. India has seen whimsical appointments in government offices and forgery in almost all competitive test conducted for admission in schools, colleges and universities. Unemployed youths and serving employees in government offices have plenty of experience of fraudulent activities related to recruitment and promotions in government department. India has several examples when meritorious candidates are rejected and non-meritorious candidates who fulfill demands of recruiters (such as bribe, gifts, powerful recommendations, etc) are selected. One could not dream of the fact that even Pilot officers may be recruited through forged means. It is possible in India only.

Large scale corruption is involved in all types of examination, tests, recruitment processes, promotion process, postings and transfers of Human resources. Chief Minister of a state treats even IAS officers as his home servants. CMD and CEO of banks and public sector undertakings are selected only if there is recommendation of a minister or there is a strong lobby behind a person desiring to be CMD or ED or CEO.When head of a department comes through corrupt ways and means, one can imagine of its repercussion and far reaching ramification down the level. Chain of transfers takes place as per choice of top officers. Choice is seldom based on merit but on more often than not based on quantity of bribe he is offered .Merit is getting disrespect everywhere and non performers but corrupt persons are always getting preferences.

As a matter of fact seeds of corruptions are sown from the very day of admission of a child in schools and it continues from getting employment to getting retirement benefits. Everywhere there is prominent role of bribe and flattery. And undoubtedly such unhealthy culture results in escalation of corruption in India. All efforts taken to curtail or reduce the level of corruption goes in vain and proves to be ineffective in practice.

Need of the hour is therefore to stop unhealthy practice in employment, posting, promotion and transfer prevalent in Indian administrative offices throughout the country.

CBI is more often than not ,asked to investigate into fraud or any matter related to loss of money to bank or any other office, but never in conduct of top officers who are indulged in unhealthy practices in process of examination, tests, recruitment processes, promotion process , transfers and postings. Punishments are never awarded to wrong doers in our country. It is always junior level staff who are made scapegoat for all evil works done by top ranked officers and ministers.

I am therefore of strong opinion that CBI investigation should be conducted into all recruitment and promotion processes which are taking place and which took place during last 10 to 30 years. This can only reveal the truth of corrupt and unhealthy practices going on for years and years and prevalent in almost all government departments which leads in unhealthy practices and rise in corruption.

Permanent Solution to this cancerous disease of bribe or flattery oriented recruitment, posting, promotion in government offices is to punish those officers who misused their discretionary powers and perpetuated reign of injustice for their vested interest and who accumulated illegal wealth through such unfair means. Only punishment to corrupt officers sitting at top post can demonstrate the real intention of the government and only such effective actions can only pave the way for real reformation in banking industry in particular and government department in general.

Role of RBI

Why RBI has permitted nationalized banks to conceal Bad assets upto Rs.50.00 lacs and declare other bad assets with value more than Rs.50.00 lacs using technology of CBS is another mystery? It is a conspiracy to conceal misdeeds of corrupt bankers and dirty politics of the government and hence RBI itself has allowed banks not to strictly follow RBI rules in classification of assets . If bad advances are treated as standard, bank management will not be required to take action against erring bankers and neither will they need to make efforts for recovery of bad loans. Higher management of banks know very well that major chunk of bad assets is caused by top corrupt officers of banks with indirect support of regulating agencies and Ministry of Finance. Action is seldom taken against top officials because the action takers are themselves part of corrupt game.

Now almost all public sector banks are on CBS platform. Most of the banks are providing alternate channel like ATM, net banking, phone banking, and mobile banking for doing banking transaction within moments sitting any corner of the country. Banks have added new works like insurance, demat, mutual fund, consultancy and portfolio management in their area of operation. Almost 90 percent of bank’s branches are providing online banking facility.

It is the time as also it is very much comfortable and convenient for Reserve Bank of India and Ministry of Finance to properly look into each aspects of bank’s functioning to maintain good health of banks instead of completely relying on financial data submitted by such banks or various certificates produced by banks as per whims of RBI. It is now easy for banks to use new technology platform to declare all bad assets as NPA instead of hiding them to save corrupt officers and top ranked executives from punishment for their ill motivated landings. Unfortunately, the ground reality is that technology is used by corrupt bankers to conceal bad loans and to allow credit to bad companies to earn more and more illegal money through bribe. The regulator and the protectors like RBI and CAs are themselves not aware of intricacies of the new technology and they are unable to catch hold of real culprits who are playing fraud with bank’s fund for their vested interest.

Giving false certificate and fabricating balance sheet as per suitability has become a fashion not only in banks but all public sector companies and all government departments. Chartered Accountants on whom lies the responsibility of verifying the records of bank’s transactions and certification of balance sheets do their holy work blindly. They need money for their signature and they are least bothered of quality of lending done by banks or health of banks or future of customers if the assets shown by banks in their balance sheet go bad or are already bad. The more illegal money CAs receives from the company or the individual the more quickly they put their signature on balance sheet and certify all irregularities hidden in BS.

This is why managements of banks are able hide their bad assets and government is able to hide their dirty politics.

This is why not only Satyam Computers succeeded in committing large scale fraud in their balance sheet but almost all companies and firms are indulged in tax evasion in nexus with CAs and government officials.

This is why that almost all top ranked officers in banks are indulged in bribe led lending taking the support of branch level officers and auditors. In the recent past 8 top ranked officials of banks were caught by CBI in bribe led lending.

This is why banks are able to hide their bad assets and top ranked executives of banks are not punished and get retired after accumulating huge wealth through bribes.

But government officials and RBI perhaps willfully keep their eyes and ears closed and allow banks to sink as long as they also get due share in bribe money bank officials receive from their clients. All promotions and selection of ED and CMD are linked to illegal money which are transacted among various lobbyists who manage proper posting and easy promotions of corrupt officers and who manage concealment of charges leveled by public and media and acquittal in vigilance findings against erring bankers. Same culture is followed by ED and CMD of a bank for their subordinates.

It is therefore need of the hour that RBI officials ensure that all banks categorize their bad assets as Non Performing assets and initiate appropriate action not only to recover bad loans from bad borrowers but also initiate disciplinary action against corrupt Branch Head and corrupt Regional Head or Zonal Head who sanctioned bad credit only to earn illegal money in form of bribe from borrowers. If all bad assets are declared NPA strictly as per RBI norms I think total gross NPA of public sector banks will at least be five time of what they have already declared. RBI should ensure that talented CMD and ED of the bank do not bring about any change even in the machine i.e. online technology. Year after year, banks are using the tools of restructuring, rescheduling and rephasing of banks bad loans to keep such bad loan in standard category.

If all bad assets are declared as bad, if all corrupt officers are removed from the administrative offices and if legal system is made effective and active to recover the money from bad borrowers and willful defaulters , there is no doubt that banks will exhibit real growth and always remain in good health. Cooked balance sheet and hidden bad assets otherwise grow to such a large extent that RBI will have to , as usually they did in the past merge the weak and sick banks with some other bank or provide capital for survival of the bank. Present position is that almost all Public sector banks are sick and on the verge of death. I am therefore unable to visualize which bank will be merged with which strong bank. None of banks including SBI is strong to sustain for longer period without the support of the government.

It is therefore desirable to first understand the reality of bank’s health and then to ponder over the remedies , instead of putting carpet on bad loans every quarter and postponing the CBS led classification of bad loans for future every time on the plea of corrupt bankers. Only when truth of bank assets is revealed, only when health of banks is thoroughly checked by honest experts and only when corrupt bankers are booked to task, the real magnitude of ill effects of Manmohan’s reformation policy applied for banks will surface.

Banks have closed their books on 31st of March and it is the duty of RBI to ensure that every bank has classified bad assets using new technology only.

If there is a will there is a way.Unfortunately there is no will to say spade as spade.

Black Money

Politicians often talk of black money parked in Swiss Banks but always fail in their exercise to bring back the same in our country because they are not honest in their utterings.They made unprecedented hue and cry before last general election on huge amount of black money parked in Swiss Banks but politicians of all parties became almost silent after the declaration of election result. What they say and what they mean to do is always different. India is still rated rate as one of the top corrupt nations. It is worthwhile to mention here that India is rated as one of the top ranking hunger inflicted state of the world even though Indian leaders claim and feel proud of achieving comparable GDP growth in the economy and said to be decoupled with global recession or global financial meltdown.

Madhu Koda ex-CM of Jharkhand and his associates could accumulate hundreds of crores of rupees through corrupt means because he knew the power game and corrupt game being played in the country in all the states. Koda is bird of the same feather and he is not new or his case is not an isolated case of corruption in India. Latest story on extent of corruption in CWG is well heard and read by Indians. In fact there is no dearth of cases of large scale corruption, fraud, scam and cheating in our country.

Rulers, leaders ,politicians, CEO or head of any organization first pull together all his flatters on whom he can blindly rely and throw away all honest persons who can put hindrance in their task of earning or printing money. In this way evil work of the ruler does not come to fore as long as one of the corrupt officers raise ugly voice against the system not because of his sudden thirst for patriotism but due to his puncture the effort of other corrupt person who has been enjoying larger share of ill earned wealth.

As a matter of fact rulers of this country could not stop corrupt practices in the system prevalent in our own country and could not stop formation of black money within the country and hence they could not and cannot force foreign country to declare name of Indians who have parked money in Swiss bank. Similarly when investing agencies like CBI, ED, Vigilance, IT officials and other regulating agencies are themselves corrupt they cannot stop spreading cancer of corruption in the Indian body system. And the most vital point is that when rulers themselves are corrupt they cannot endanger their own money parked in either Swiss Bank or in Indian financial and real estate sector.

It is rightly said by the great writer Munsi Prem Chand.

"Jab Rakchak hi Bhakchak Ban jaye to vinash nishchit Hai"

When almost every minister at Center and almost every minister in each State government is indulged in making money through corrupt means, when officers in general are involved in corrupt game played by politicians and when all officers entrusted with the duty of stopping and removing corruption from the system and finally unearthing ill earned money are busy in making money through corrupt means who will make serious efforts to unearth money held in Swiss Bank.

Persons or group of person who have kept their black money in Swiss Bank are none other than politicians and government officers. When top officers and top ministers are corrupt one cannot imagine of businessmen and professionals abiding by Indian rules and following rule of ethics. It is government officers and politicians who make survival of honest service men, honest businessmen and professionals difficult and force them to manufacture black money and share with corrupt officials to live peacefully. Honesty has rather become curse for government servants as well as businessmen and professionals.

Black money is not only in Swiss bank, it is undoubtedly parked in banks in India too. Black money is remitted to foreign banks not in bags but only through Indian Banks. Black money is concealed in form of gold, land and building, apartment, big bazaars, farm houses, private professional colleges and in almost all big houses. Black money is visible to all whose eye is not jaundiced with the decease of black money. Nine out of ten multi storied residential building and commercial complex in Metros and big towns are constructed by ill earned black money only. It is open secret. As such it is not necessary to focus attention on money parked in Swiss Bank and make politics out of it but is more important to focus on black money parked in India and which is visible in India itself.

It is necessary for almost all politician and officers working in government and government departments to introspect and look into their heart whether they are really honest. Politicians in general cannot afford contesting and winning an election without the help of black money received from businessmen and at the same time without the indirect support of controlling officials none of the businessmen can imagine of tax evasion.

Without the support of corrupt officers, none of the contractors in India can carry out their tendered allotted work. More than fifty percent of value of contract work allotted by government to contractors is consumed in distributing commissions to corrupt officers and politicians. Ministers cannot even organize a rally without the financial support from local corrupt officers, black money of rich businessmen and professional.

I therefore feel that work of purification should start from our own land, our own offices, our own banks, our own politics, and our own administrative system. Purification should start from the top. Politicians should stop playing foul game of putting blame always on foreign agencies for every lapse on their part if they are really interested to see India shining.

India must stop flattery culture because this flattery culture is the root cause of all evils. None of government servants can dream of good posting and timely promotion without indulging in flattery to big bosses and powerful politicians. It is therefore necessary to make transfer, posting and promotion fully transparent and remove all bottlenecks which gives scope of whimsical decision in the matter of posting and promotions. It is the need of the hour to punish those who are misusing their delegated powers and who promote flattery culture by taking arbitrary decisions.

CBI, Vigilance department, Band, IT department, IB ,Anti corruption offices ,custom officials all such regulating agencies which are established for prevention and elimination of corrupt practices should be made more powerful and given sufficient man power to carry out their holy job. Any officers found indulging in corrupt practice in such department should be punished severely without any discrimination based on caste, community or religion.

Political interference in administrative matters, police action and judiciary must be stopped even if for this matter rules of the land are needed to be altered, made more severe and non-discriminatory. Delegation of power in few hands at any levels and in any offices gives scope for corruption and hence the power must be diluted to the possible extent in such a way that it does not cause delay in execution of plan and projects. Officers who misuse power must be punished immediately.

And last but not the least, MLA and MP who rule the country should not be elected by votes of illiterate and criminals but selected from top IAS and IPS officers, toppers of colleges, reputed social reformers, successful bankers, reputed honest businessmen and from persons of undisputed character.

System of garlanding and gifting top officials and political leaders as also that of giving red carpet welcome to top officers must be stopped immediately. Practice of spending crores of rupees in inaugural functions or in felicitating top officials or ministers must be stopped forthwith through an ordinance at least for one year to start with.

Judiciary should be provided adequate quality man power so that pendency in court is made zero and justice is made available in shortest span of time to all aggrieved Indian citizen. An environment has to be created in the country where criminals of all nature have fear of action in their mind and in their core of heart.

It is tragedy that in our country police actions in our country is taken only against good citizens and punitive action through court orders is also possible only against good citizens. Actual crime doers use judiciary to perpetuate their reign of crime.

If this fear of action is ensured at all levels I am very much sure that black money from Swiss Bank or Indian Banks will automatically come on the floor and people will be motivated to use the money for constructive purpose rather than parking in foreign or Indian bank.

Honesty is the best policy has to be proved at ground level. Merit and merit only should be respected in our country if Indians really want India to grow at grass root level.

GDP growth shown by ministers to International agencies is not at all helpful and pleasant for majority of Indians who are unable to even afford their normal livelihood and manage respectful life.

It is worthwhile to mention here US President Mr. Obama has taken many steps to reform US banking culture taking lessons from 2008 financial crisis. On the contrary our government is still unaware of growing sickness in Indian banks only because we Indian know how to play with data, sink and swim in the sea of data.

Even USA, pioneer of reformation, liberalization, privatization and globalization has started revisiting and cutting short the policy of outsourcing, policy of concentration of power in few hands, policy of complete freedom to trade icons and policy of complete freedom to banking industry so that more and more employment opportunities are generated for US citizens, expenses on executives is cut to size, and corrupt practices in US system is put an end for good and forever.

Why not Indian politicians learn lesson from their masters at least and ensure transparency in all their action and why do they not discard vote bank politics based on caste, community, religion and region is a big question to answer and a big challenge for those whose vision is to see India really shining in the world.

Role of Chartered Accountants

Chartered Accountants in India are mostly working as brokers of tax officials and bankers. It is CAs who manage tax evasion from tax authorities or bank finance from banks. Raju was the greatest fool who disclosed his fraud in Satyam Computers, otherwise none of CA could catch the culprit. Almost all CAs are simply selling their signatures to business community, busy in negotiating with tax officials and bank officials. Lawyers in India in general are working as brokers and middlemen for judges working in various courts. Officers, secretaries working in various state level secretariats or in secretariat attached of various ministries and Parliament of India are working in general as agent and broker for ministers. Politicians of various political parties who are effective and master in manipulations are working as agents for various MLAs and MPs. District level political leaders are flatterer of state level leader of a political party and state level leaders works as yes-men of central level leaders. In common terminology they are called as lobbyist or flatterer or managers or chamchas but for all practical purposes they are actual fate makers.

It is caucus of these flatterers who surrounds powerful leaders in all offices, banks, Income tax offices, secretariats and at all places where powerful persons are sitting. It is these flatterers known as Godfathers who manage transfer, posting and promotion of staff who works as per whims and fancies of lobbyists. It is these lobbyist or game players who manage transfer of honest workers who hinders their corrupt path to remotest place, to critical place or to a place where he or she becomes ineffective in all fields of his life. It is these lobbyist who manage torture to good workers who create impediments and it is they who manage even killing of such hard core honest performers. It is these lobbyists who can make or mar a government for their self interest.

Neera Radia is not alone working as lobbyist in corporate world but there are hundreds and thousands of such lobbyists active in practically in all offices. Even top ranked DGM, GM, AGM.CM in a Public Sector bank has to approach one or the other lobbyist to get fastest promotion and cream posting. General Managers have to contact lobbyist sitting in RBI and Minister of Finance for getting the post of ED and CMD of a bank. Retired politicians have to contact top leaders to become director in a PSU and so on so forth. One has to invariably contact a lobbyist for getting his work done easily quickly and with minimum possible expenses. In eighties one great lobbyist namely Harshad Mehta was caught in bank scam .But in this age of reformation there are hundreds of person working like Harshad Mehta and manipulating Stock Market as per their sweet will and SEBI is silent spectator of all mishappenings till it assumes the form of a scam or scandal.

In such an environment it does not look astonishing and unexpected incident when one say that Reddy brothers succeeded in tax evasion of Rs.80.00 crores in mining in Karnataka or Mr. Raja OR Madhu Koda or Mr. Kalamadi or any such corrupt officer could accumulate wealth worth hundreds of crores of rupees. In fact most of the government officers and ministers are busy in making money some way or the other. Even media men are indulged in such corrupt game in their own style. This is the picture of Indian democracy where rich is growing richer and poor are becoming poorer. Lobbyist can approach all powerful centers whereas common men are fear of accessing any office where he can expect his work done or where he can knock the door to get justice. It is ridiculous to know that RBI has asked details from bankers who sanctioned finance to companies currently under investigation by CBI to punish the culprit top ranked bankers who financed to telecom companies by taking bribe. It is nothing but a reluctant surgical operation undertaken by RBI and not body scan of banks which should be undertaken by RBI to stop corrupt practices prevailing in the banks where top ranked officials like General Managers are caught taking bribe for lending.

Scam of value of hundreds and thousands of crore rupees cannot take place without the support of hundreds and thousands of persons in the system. Few cases of scams and corruptions which are exposed in public by media are not aberration of the system but exposure takes place only when there is dispute in sharing of bribe money among corrupt officials or when bribe giver remains unsatisfied even after payment of bribe. Exposure of scam takes place when desired work is hampered even after payment of bribe to ministers and officers due to change of guard or change of powerful lobby or change in policy due to some reason or the other. Otherwise it is the corrupt system which has been developed by politicians and rulers of the country since independence.

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