Friday, April 1, 2011

Send this letter to Manmohan Singh to lodge your pain

Are you performing your job honestly, sincerely and perfectly? Is your offices and your government under your full command and full control?

Or you are simply using good words like “may I help you”, “Customer is God”, “write me for redressal of grievances” etc.

Do you ever look into complains sent to your office?

Have you made adequate arrangement to assess the merit of letters and emails sent to you and ensure timely action?

I Think you are least bothered of what public writes to you and similarly other ministers are blind to problem of the public until there is a mass agitation by a group of person and you and your flatterers are forced by media to act . Even then you try to postpone action until Sonia and Rahul permits you.

Are you and your officer workers simply forwarding agent for letters and emails received in your office?

Is your finance minister aware of unhealthy practices prevalent in banking sector in lending as also in execution of HRD related policies?

More than 30 writs have been filed against misdeeds of bank management in promotion, recruitment, second pension option and 9thbipartite settlement etc. Cases are pending in various courts for years together by government remains silent. No need to apply common sense or there is no common sense in the minds of rulers, God knows.

Courts are unable to do justice even in two or three decades and top ranked corrupt officers get retired by that time without facing any punishment. All efforts are made by top officers to save their colleagues in top rank even by changing the rule book if need arises because they know that by the time court will listen the issue , either the complaints will be dead or the relevance of the issue raised will be finished.

Union leaders. Officers’ Association stalwarts and top ranked officers of banks are working together to commit various fraudulent activities like lending to bad borrowers or writing off of bad debts of rich and affluent persons for their vested interest without take care of bank’s health.

Bad Assets is increasing in banks year after year. Neither the government nor the bankers are bothered of health of the bank.RBI and Ministry of Finance only talks of Bank rate or repo rate or GDP growth or rising inflation. They are least bothered of pain suffered by common men .

Office of President of India, Prime Minister and Finance Minister simply forward the letter to various offices and close their eyes and ears. Courts are taking decades in delivery of justice. After all who is accountable and punishable for inaction and inefficiency of the government, judiciary and administrative offices?

How long will you befool Indians by preaching sermons and telling sweet words on the eve of election? Ministers and VIPs are busy in attending functions arranged by flatterers and least bothered of public problems.

Are you, your government and President of India meant only to attend glorious and decorated costly functions?

At the cost of repetition, I dare to ask you ,after all who is responsible, accountable, punishable and answerable for rampant corruption in the country, reign of injustice, inactive and ineffective judiciary in the country?

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