Saturday, June 11, 2011

Appeal to all for Ramdeo Baba

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It seems to me that leaders of Congress Party are bent upon abolishing Yog guru forever. Some people tried to kill him, finish him on 4th midnight along with some his hard core followers but failed.

Advocates of Congress Party tried their level best to puncture the movement launched by Anna and Ramdeo Baba against black money and corrupt system. They have tried all possible propaganda to tarnish the image of Ramdeo and Anna. Since they are in power they may or will succeed in their goal but people of India will never forgive the ruling party for their brutal action on followers of Ramdeo during midnight.

If Ramdeo succumbs to death due to prolonged fast , entire blame will undoubtedly go to the present government and people will say without any if or but that congress party willfully and intentionally hatched a conspiracy and abolished Ramdeo.

People will say loudly that Congress party want to save the corrupt officers and corrupt ministers somehow or the other. Ramdeo may be finished, but his agenda will not vanish. Issue is important, not the person or the party raising the issue. RSS backed or BJP backed is not significant, the issue raised by Ramdeo and Anna is of mass concern and hence it will continue to haunt the ruling party as long as some demonstrative stern action is not taken against top ranked officials and ministers.

I am however of the strong view that now at least all parties who really want to support the crusade against corruption should come together to dethrone present ruling alliance and form an alternative government keeping apart their so called party ideology as soon as possible and leave no stone unturned to complete the unfinished task of Ramdeo Baba and Anna Hazare.

They should not be misguided by statement made by leaders of Congress party blaming Randeo and Anna being agent of RSS. Two decades ago, leaders of Congress party used to blame ISI and foreign hand for every failure of the government. Now the present ruling alliance blames BJP and RSS for all their failure and all scams and scandals in the country.

Happiness of common men should be the main target of ideology of all organizations. Politics of political party should be for people of India and not for safeguarding ideology of that political party.

I lastly pray God for long life of Ramdeo Baba who has at least raised his voice against corruption and black money. I do not think whether past of Ramdeo is good or bad, I praise Ramdeo Baba because he has shown his courage to move against the corrupt system knowing very well that most of the people holding the power in the present government are corrupt.

I however hope that person like Manmohan Singh will shed his sentiments and ego and try his best to break the fast and for this he can announce some concrete steps to deal with corrupt persons.

I lastly make an earnest appeal to Ramdeo Baba too to break the fast because to fight against corruption his survival is very much necessary ,his death will not help the country as much as his life will help.

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