Wednesday, June 8, 2011

National Issues and RSS

Mr. P. Chidambram yesterday while defending the brutal police action on Satyagrahis during midnight at Ramlila ground in Delhi on 4th June pleaded that crusade against corruption launched by Baba Ramdeo and Anna Hazare is the conspiracy of RSS, VSP and BJP to uproot ruling party from power. He has alleged that Ramdeo and Anna Hazare are agent of RSS.

It is the habit of Congress Party to cover up its own weakness, its inefficiency to control price rise, terrorism, naxalism, corruption, rise in black money and issues related to involvement of its members in corruption scam and scandals by giving such national issues communal colour or by saying that it is backed by RSS or VHP or by directly blaming past NDA government or by accusing BJP or RSS for its all failures.

Is it not the duty of 100 year old Congress party to cure the cancer of corruption and black money instead of blaming RSS or BJP?

Do you support Mr. P Chidambram, Minister of Home when he says that RSS, VHP and BJP are behind Ramdeo's movement against corruption, for bringing back black money and for change?

National issues raised by RSS or BJP or by any opposition party are not solved by Congress Party only because it is initiated by or has the backing of BJP or RSS.

Home Minister justify police action against Ramdeo’s supporters at Ramlila ground in Delhi on 4th June midnight against Ramdeo's supporters by saying that the issues were backed by RSS , VHP and BJP.

Can you support such illogical statement of Chidambram and that of his colleagues in ruling party UPA?

Are all Issues raised by Ramdeo, Anna Hazare, Prashant Bhusan, Kiran Bedi and other civil society members or other eminent persons of the country insignificant and simple Bakwas as claimed by members of Congress Party?

I can expect illogical and nonsensical statements by insane persons like Diggi baba, Tiwari Pandit, Singhwi vakil, Kapil sibal because they are made for that by top leaders of Congress Party.

But I never expected such statement from Manmohan Singh, Sonia Gandhi and at least never from person like Mr. Chidambram.

I however condemn Mr. Home Minister for statement made by him against Ramdeo’s and Anna’s movement against corrupt system and express my displeasure over such nonsensical statements as made by Mr. Chidambram yesterday.

It is worthwhile to mention here the government can put Ramdeo Baba and Anna Hazare in jail on real or unreal ground but cannot stop or dilute the intensity of rising voices by general mass against corrupt system for a longer period.

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