Sunday, June 5, 2011

Cruelty on Satyagrahis and Arrest of Ramdeo

Government says that it is not aware of the name of person whose money is parked in foreign bank. Government does not know the amount of black money parked in foreign banks by Indians. Why then government hesitate to declare black money parked in foreign banks as national asset. And why government does find it difficult to promulgate an ordinance or make law immediately in this regard instead of depending on a committee for six months .

It is remarkable to mention here that government did not make any delay on sending orders for immediate investigation into assets of Ramdeo Baba and that of donors.

No action or delayed action on Hasan Ali , naxals, terrorists ,on Kalamadi, Mr. Raja and his cabinet colleagues, Mr. Manmohan Singh who allowed loss of 170000 crores to the country by illegal act of Mr. A. Raja on telecom spectrum and other tax evaders but government took prompt action on participants in Ramdeo's fight against corruption at midnight at Ramlila Maidan Delhi.

No action on separatist in Kashmir, on anti nationals indulged in smuggling of drug and narcotics, no action on black money keepers but swift action on those who were sitting in peaceful fast at Ramlila Ground.

This is India and this is style of Congress party rule. Only secularism is the tool which ruling party uses as Brahmastra to weaken and break unity of opposition parties and continue to enjoy power and accumulate wealth for their kith and kin.It is easy to arrest Ramdeo Baba but difficult for government to arrest tax evaders and black money keepers.

I therefore want to request advocates of Congress Party like Kapil Sibal, Digvijay Singh to answer following questions.

Why does government want six months time to declare black money parked in foreign banks as national assets?

Government during election campaign had promised to bring back black money from Swiss bank to win last election. What initiate has government taken during last two years to bring back black money from foreign banks and to confiscate black money from Indian banking system?

Why does the government wish to form a committee to form draft for the act to confiscate black money, declare the same national asset and finally punish black money?

Why have they lost faith of Anna Hazare and his team who were promised to draft Lokpal Bill?

Why Anna Hazare and his team has accused government representatives hatching a conspiracy to divide members of Civil society Members and backtracking on Lokpal bill or not being serious on framing strongest Lokpal bill ?

When government does not wish to declare the name of person whose black money is deposited in foreign banks?

When government does not want to declare the amount of black money parked in foreign banks, how they propose to declare the same as national asset and how do they propose to confiscate it?

Is government bent upon postponing the making of Lokpal bill on some plea or the other on flimsy ground? Why is government afraid of movement launched by Anna Hazare and Ramdeo Baba and their teams against corrupt system prevailing in the country?

Don’t you realize the level of corruption in politics has crossed all limit of public tolerance as expressed by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh a few months ago?

In the past also IT officials and custom officials have confiscated huge illegal property of several corrupt officers and politicians. Can government give report on what has happened to such confiscated properties?

Is there no such rule in existing rule book which is adequate to punish perpetrators of , generators of and promoters of black money rule? If yes, why government failed to stop remittance of black money through banks to foreign center during last so many years to demonstrate their good intention if any?

Why government failed to stop generation of black money through sale and purchase of landed property? Why government failed to stop sale and purchase of goods without bill?

Black money of thousands of crores of rupees in generated in Delhi itself everyday because ninety percent of goods going out of Delhi are sold without bill and vouchers.

Can government stop selling of goods and punish those traders who sell the goods without bill?

Are officers in Sales Tax and Income tax departments doing their duties honestly and sincerely?

Government knows very well who has visited foreign centers frequently and who has accumulated wealth more than his total income from known sources?

Can the government first assess the wealth of current and past Member of Parliament and top ranked officers to demonstrate that they are really serious to stop corruption and punish corrupt officers?

Cleaning process must start from top and not from the bottom which usually occurs in the offices owned and PSUs by government.

What action government is contemplating to stop generation of black money?

Corruption originates from the day of recruitment of a person as government employee. Can government stop corruption in recruitment of staff, posting of officers and out of turn promotion of such officers who are number one flatterer and bribe earner?

Election for Parliament and state assemblies are the main source which pave the way of corrupt rule. Can government stop it or even dream of stopping this vicious circle of corruption?

When protector (government employees, elected representatives and politicians)come through ill ways and by illegal means, how can these so called protectors of society stop corrupt practices going on in all government departments and survive as genuine protectors?

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