Saturday, August 6, 2011

Clever Shiela Dikshit ,Delhi CM trapped or not

Person like Sheila Dikshit or Manmohan Singh gives verbal instruction and verbal concurrence for any deal to his junior ministers, secretaries and close officers and hence they cannot be trapped by any watchdog or investigating agency like Ombudsmen, CBI, CVC , PAC, CWG etc . Normally top ranked officers and ministers advise their juniors on phone to do this or not to do something and hence they are invariably acquitted and low ranked officers who do not dare protest ill-motivated decisions of bosses and who are flatterer of bosses for their own petty interest are trapped .

Corrupt Bosses provides safety to corrupt subordinates and corrupt subordinates are loyal to their bosses to hide their own corrupt deals; this is Indian style of management of dirty affairs and common story behind all cases of corruption, scams and scandals. Birds of same feather flock together and perpetuate culture of corruption as long as some hardcore and courageous dare devil ideology master or Vibhishan like close associates or enemy journalist exposes the dirty game. Corruption prevails in all offices and in all departments and it is exposed only and only when some or the other beneficiary of corrupt deal do not get desired share or benefits accruing out of corrupt deal.

If any supplier of goods or a contractor has to obtain any high valued work order, it has to search out most reliable lobbyist and contact reliable high profile broker or middlemen who can manage the entire process of decision at various levels wisely and cleverly without leaving behind any evidence or clue which may help in proving the charges of corruption anytime in future. Crores of rupees are spent in extending red carpet welcome to powerful persons by junior officers and that too normally from office account. Similarly hundreds of crores of rupees are spent in India by corporate houses to keep the government officials happy.

If any in-genuine, corrupt, ill-reputed, mischievous manipulator and unscrupulous supplier or contractor gives bribe to any official or any middlemen to get his work through easily by surpassing and overtaking other genuine suppliers and contractors, he will never do so by cheque or by bill or voucher. If bribe has to be given to a minister or chief minister like Shiela Dikshit, Lalu Yadav or Madhu Koda or Yeddy or central ministers like Pranab Mukherjee or Chidambram or even Manmohan Singh he will cleverly search some flatterer officers , some close relatives, close secretaries who are very close to such corrupt ministers .

And when such high profile dignitaries break any rule or law they do so not by giving written instruction but by making a phone call or by giving his green signal on a dining table. Corruption of high ranked officer or ministers cannot be proved so easily and hence junior officers and babus who process the ill conceived work order and who okays the manipulated and inflated bill of any supplier or any contractor are usually taken to task.

In our country there are many ways to please powerful officers and ministers. On festive occasions, during functions arranged in the name of various anniversaries and during family functions precious gifts and closed envelopes containing bribe money is supplied as a token which is enough to convey the message to powerful officers and ministers that high amount of black money or bribe money may follow if some desired undue favour is extended. Family members of such powerful persons are obliged by extending illegal favours such as grant of subsidy, bank loans, trade license, precious land, relief in various types of taxes, clearance of files in various departments etc. Big corporate houses and trade houses take the entire financial burden and organizing responsibility for an election rally or for an official function on behalf ground level officer or a contesting candidate of a political party.

If an ED or CMD of a bank has to get favour from Finance minster Pranab Da the clever ED or CMD has several ways to do so. They can sanction any amount of loan to any person or corporate house recommended by Pranab Da, they can promote any officers to higher position, they can write off loans of any corporate house, they can open branch in any unviable town or village if the same is desired by Pranab Da and so on. It is not astonishing to know that in last three years twenty two banks branches have been opened in the constituency of Pranab Da just to keep Pranab Da happy.

Similarly if big corporate house like that of Amabani brothers or Tata Company or Goenkas or Birlas or Infosys or Wipro they have to bribe ministers and top ranked officers they have to arrange a Hi-Fi dinner party and convey the message to desired persons in a tactful manner. It is also heard that directors of these big corporate houses give crores of rupees to every year to every Member of Parliament in the name of election or on the occasion of family functions.

Obviously corruption of big corporate houses, top ranked officers and ministers cannot be proved by any investigating agency until such agencies take into account various other factors .which directly or indirectly lead to corrupt deal. Assets of such powerful persons , bank account of various family members and friends, details of land and building possesses by such persons, gold ornaments purchased by such persons, hotel bills, air travel expenses, foreign trip expenses, marriage function expenses and similar other so many matters may also help in establishing the involvement of such person in corruption.

But all these are possible only when investigating agencies are willing to do so , otherwise one after other drama will be played but the real culprit will never be punished even after lapse of two or three decades. Rajiv Gandhi could not be punished in Bofors even after lapse of three decades, Lalu Yadav was not punished but made Railway Minister by Congress led UPA government and so on. Similarly Delhi Government has referred the report of CAG to PAC and then after two or three years PAC will submit its report and then some committee will be formed to make scrutiny whether charges are legally valid and enforceable or not and so on till the death of the accused.

If somehow or the other Congress Party is constrained to advise Shiela Dikshit to submit resignation from the post of CM she will be nominated for the post of President of India which is very soon likely to be vacated by Pratibha Patil. Mera Desh Mahan Hai .
People of honesty and good integrity are seldom promoted and appreciated but people of corrupt nature and blackened history are given respect in recognition in the society.

This is Indian style of management administration of affairs related to scams and scandals, corrupt deals, cases of corruption in courts, CBI, CVC, and other executive, regulating, monitoring, vigilance and legal agencies. Top ranked persons are never punished and it is always the bottom level babus and officers who are usually made scapegoat for misdeeds of top ranked persons.

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