Saturday, August 13, 2011

New Version of Emergency

Anna has toled that leaders of Congress Party has betrayed Anna Team on Jan Lokpal Bill and on saction of place for fast scheduled to commence from 16th of this month.Government will continue to betray because it knows very well that opposition parties are divided, votes are divided and hence their victory in election in certain. As long as Anna do not get full fledged and unconditional support from opposition parties, the success of Anna's movement will undoubtedly be time consuming and the team of Anna Hazare will have to face tortures as Ramdeo Baba faced in recent past.

I had suggested on this forum and on many other forums that Ramdeo and Anna and their team should try to take the support of opposition parties on the issue of price rise, corruption and terrorism & naxalism to oust the most corrupt party from power.

I once again reiterate that support of opposition parties is unavoidable to precipitate situation like that created by Jai Prakash Narayan in 1974. After all India believes in Parliamentary democracy and there is no immediate threat to majority possessed by UPA in Parliament despite all stories of Corruption. It is only when elections are ordered voters will get an opportunity to teach a lesson to dictatorship of Congress Party led UPA’s . ”Chor upar Sinachori “ type policy has become the habit of ruling Congress Party only because they do not see any threat to their power in near future and for this they diplomatically tease the party BJP on communal and pseudo secularism.

The moment they realize that BJP is immediate threat to their survival they will immediately try to add Anna team into their fold .

When Indira Gandhi lost election petition filed by Raj Narayan in Allahabad court she clamped emergency in the country and lall prominent leaders of opposition parties were arrested early in the next morning . Excesses were committed during emergency and people were forced to surrender before dictatorship of rulers. After 20 months all leaders of all opposition parties realized that their unity was very much necessary to oust Dictator Indira Gandhi.

Time has once again come and need of the hour is that leaders of all opposition parties extend their whole hearted support to Anna and Ramdeo. Otherwise days are not far when they would face the same music as they faced during emergency. Ramdeo was tortured, Bal Krishna was tortured like anything but tax evaders like Hasan Ali has been released. Government brutally lathi charged BJP demonstrators in Delhi when they were shouting against corrupt leaders Shiela Dikchit.

If Anna Team also fails like Ramdeo Baba I think it will the greatest blow to fight against corruption and the consequence will be unprecedented rise in arbitrary rule of Congress Party. Price rise, corruption, black money and terror activities will rise by leaps and bounds and government will never act against evil doers.

It is desirable that prominent youth leaders, students of all colleges, and all social activites come together, extend voluntary support to Anna team . NOW or Never. It is the time to strengthen and empower Anna Team as much as possible to teach a lesson to shameless team of Congress Party leaders who are committing blunder after blunder, scam after scam and still threatening to peaceful activists.

I therefore request Anna Team to give enough value to leaders of opposition parties who are ready to support them. They should not fear Congress Party who plead that Anna is backed by RSS and BJP. It is very much necessary that a national party support a national movement for its grand success.

"Chori upar Sinachori" is the fittest proverb for Congress Party and UPA

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