Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Absolute Sucess of Manmohan Singh

Hanging of Afzal Guru or Kasab will boost militancy, I am not telling, Mr. Omar Abdullah CM of J&K is telling so.

Hanging of assassins of Rajiv Gandhi will boost militancy in Tamilnadu as told and by a few Tamil Leaders in state assembly and as resolution passed by Tamilnadu assembly.

In such position and as per wishes of Omar Abdullah or that of Tamil leaders or that of Digvijay Singh who respect Osama Bin Laden, government of India should legally force Indians to worship these terrorist so that militancy may not be boosted up and peace may be restored.

Besides police and armed forces should be instructed to salute these terrorists so that possibility of terror attacks may be reduced. If possible these terrorists should have a quota in Indian Parliament and state assemblies like Jammu & Kashmir and Tamilnadu.

Government of India may save huge money which is unnecessarily spent on police and armed forces, on investigating agencies and in judicial process for trial and judgment.

Government by official order should send leaders like Mr. Ramdeo Baba, Mr. Anna Hazare and all their followers to Tihar Jail who are raising voices against corrupt leaders and at the same time call back and give special award should to corrupt leaders like Raja, Kalamadi, Maran who are presently in Tihal Jail.

Flattery award and for Bribery award should be given every month in every office at National level and also at state level , district level, block level and village level to boost up corruption, flattery and bribery.

Arts and science of these characteristics should be taught in schools and colleges. At least person like Kapil, Singhwi,Digvijay like persons can get good opportunities for prestigious award of flattery .

In our country there is a tradition of choosing persons for the post of President of India, State Governors, and PSU directors etc from among the team of flatterers and these should be legalized and made mandatory in all offices. Although it is prevalent in all offices, those who do not respect flatterers should be severely punished legally. In our country there is a tradition of punishing honest officers and whistle blowers and Government has simply to make it mandatory.

This is the proper time for UPA government to pass above mentioned act because there is no fear of losing power. As of now BJP has got no number adequate to oust the government. If at all there is possibility of BJP coming to power, Government should ban RSS and BJP by accusing them of being communal. They can manage favourable judgment from Indian court or postpone indefinitely so that there will be threat to their government.

Government should as usual keep left and right parties at draggers drawn to each other so that they may not unitedly fight them (UPA) out of power.

Government should stop all types of subsidy, all types of help to people in the name of poverty alleviation and stop all spending on Poor because in our country even a beggar is earning Rs.30 to 40 a day. Income Tax officials should be advised to carry out raids even at hide-outs of beggars, cobblers, barbers, painters, coolies etc. A coolie charges not less than Rs.30 from a passenger. Beggars do not accept alms less than 2 or 5 rupees and in less than half an hour they (all family members of a beggar together) can earn more than thirty four rupees .

Now one can say with pride that India is a rich country where poverty do not exist at all.

It is success of Manmohan singh government, success of economics of Manmohan singh and psuccess of politics of Manmohan singh.

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