Tuesday, September 20, 2011

CBI and Chidambram

CBI is not ready to accept the request of Subramaniam Swami to make Mr. Chidambaram a co-accused in 2G spectrum related case. Government tried its best to give relief to Mr. Raja,Ms Kanimoji and Mr. Dayanidhi Maran too . But it was due to pressure from Supreme Court that CBI was left with no alternative but to lodge case against these VIP ministers. As such it is only Supreme Court which can compel CBI to initiate action against Mr. Chidambaram too.

This is not a new and astonishing activity on the part of CBI. Most of scam cases, CBI fails to establish charges and corrupt ministers and corrupt officers are exonerated in the process. Even vigilance officers are corrupt and how can they be expected to stop corruption.

Fate of CBI officials depends on whims of government, ministers and powerful politicians. Promotions and posting is decided by politicians who rule the country and this is why I always say that In India root cause of all corruption is flattery and bribery one has to do for his superiors. If promotion and posting is made completely transparent and all scope of whimsical decisions is removed from the processes, I hope the benefits will be more than a few losses which may occur due to transparent process.

Whenever a minister or even senior departmental head comes in his office or in his town, officers under his jurisdiction spend crores of rupees in extending red carpet welcome to such dignitaries and offering costly gifts so that his posting and promotion is ensured as per his aspiration. In this course of action those who do not flatter and who are dry honest are rejected. This is not a new and astonishing activity on the part of CBI.

Anna team has to first try to stop flattery and bribery and then only his idea of Jan Lokpal Bill will result in good fruits.

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