Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Who is Bil Laden in Cash -for-Vote case

Arresting of Amar Singh and two other Ex-Members of Parliament of BJP is not absolute and perfect justice. Amar Singh acted as broker to mobilize votes for survival of Congress Party led UPA government. In return Amar Singh and his political party Samajwadi Party was likely to be awarded by UPA in some way or the other. Obviously UPA and Congress Party are the main culprits who used Amar Singh and his Party SP as a tool to serve their self interest.

Similarly MPs of BJP was in no way beneficiary of Cash -for - Vote game played by the then UPA government. BJP simply exposed the dirty game of Congress Party. There is no doubt that Congress Party has misused their power on Delhi Police to turn the game in their favour and on the contrary to ensure punishment to those who help the party and those who exposed the dirty game of the Party.

Here it is worthwhile to mention that India has submitted a list of hard core terrorists to Pakistan demanding their handover to Indian government to enable India to prosecute them and punish them as per Indian Laws. Everyone knows that hard core terrorists pointed out by Indian government never came in person to attack on Parliament or to carry out terror attack in Mumbai or elsewhere but they hatched a conspiracy to destabilize our country..

Ms Pragya Sadhwi and her colleagues who have been put in jail on the charges of hatching a conspiracy and a plan to carry out terror attack in some places in India (it is alleged ) never went in person to commit terror attack.

It is the demand of absolute and perfect justice that real mastermind behind all illegal acts are brought to justice and severe and harder punishment is given to such conspirators than those who personally put the dirty plan into action.

As such I am of clear cut view that court has not given perfect justice by sending Amar Singh and other two Ex-MPs to jail. I am very much confident that in due course Court will look into the underlying story and punish those persons who were real instrumental in hatching conspiracy to mobilize votes for UPA which face serious crisis of majority of votes in Parliament and which had almost lost vote of confidence in the year 2008. Real beneficiary of Cash-for –Vote was Congress Party and not Amar Singh or Bhartiya Janta Party. There is no doubt that Intention of Congress Party was bad, not that of BJP or SP or Amar Singh and other MPS who have been produced as accused by Delhi Police in Delhi court.

It is well known to all that as per existing rule book and as per Criminal Laws of the country ,guilty of committing murder is given lesser punishment compared to a person who is guilty of hatching a conspiracy to kill a person.

It is worthwhile to mention here in our country most of VIPs such as ministers, Heads of department, CEOs of Public Sector undertaking. Senior IAS officers, senior police officers usually give illegal instruction verbally to their subordinates and hence they never come into picture whenever their evil works are exposed, their ill motivated decisions are brought to the notice of judiciary and when scam masterminded by such Very Important Persons.

In all high value scams and in all cases of big value corruption VIPs are acquitted and low level junior staff are made scapegoat. Lalu Yadav was acquitted and made Railway Minister and junior clerks and officers punished by court in Rs.1000 crore Chara Ghotala of Bihar.

Team Anna has to understand this great loophole of Indian legal system and try to make the proposed Jan Lokpal stronger and effective so that it can catch the real culprit who mastermind the dirty game from behind the scene without leaving any witness or substantial documentary evidence.

Time has come when court will have to discover the real culprit to give justice to those who are obeyed their order or who helped them to get rid of other severe punishment. In present Cash-for-Vote cash Manmohan Singh Prime Minister and Sonia Gandhi , high command of Congress Party acted as Bin Laden or Daud act in every occurring terror attack in India.

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