Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What is Limit for Tolerance, how long to be silent spectator

Clean and honest Prime Minister, the world famous economist has admitted that his government has failed to stop parking of black money in foreign banks and failed to stop rising prices and stop rising inflationary pressure on common men but his government has been consistently trying to take appropriate steps for last seven years to rectify the errors of omission and commission.

If a clerk or peon or an officer do not perform , fails to prove his efficiency and effectiveness or found to be corrupt he is sidelined, he may be suspended, his increments stopped or he may be dismissed. What is to be done when Delhi government fails to act, when Central government fails to prove its efficiency and effectiveness and when one after other bomb blast takes place, no action report is submitted, and none is punished.
Only committees are formed, but none is bothered whether these committees are working, whether their reports are put into action or whether adequate manpower and infrastructure is provided to such committees or government always befools crying people and crying media. It is bitter truth that government led by Clean Manmohan Singh has completely failed on all fronts and deserve to be replaced as soon as possible to stop further damage and destruction

Congress Party never answers questions asked by media on various charges of corruption against the government, ministers and political workers of the party supporting the government. But they unfailingly blame BJP and RSS for all mishaps, for price rise, for terror attacks, for movement against corruption led by Baba Ramdeo and Anna Team .This is old habit of Congress Party to blame foreign hand for all accidents ,shortcomings and failures of the party. Common men are ultimate victim of mutual mudslinging process of ruling and opposing parties.

Congress Party led UPA government has got no time and no will to assess and ascertain the wealth of billionaire MPs and MLAs, top ranked officers, judges, doctors, advocates and politicians whose present wealth is many times more than their declared income and wealth. But they can order investigation from all departments to submit reports on source of income of Anna , Ramdeo and their associates within shortest possible time. Government can fix the rates of vegetables, food grains, bus fare, auto fare, taxi fare etc but cannot regulate the profit earned by big trade houses, gold merchants, doctors, manufacturers, builders, valuers, consultants , education schools and colleges etc who are looting the innocent and helpless mass of the country.

Congress Party led UPA Government headed by Manmohan Singh has got no time to review the progress achieved in previous terror attacks or action taken against perpetrators of injustice to common men and has got no time to ensure punishment to culprits of various terror attacks , but has sufficient time and manpower to trap by hook or by crook the supporters of Team Anna, Baba Ramdeo and his associates, who raised voice against the misdeeds of the government. Government has no manpower to provide to judiciary to clear lacs crores of cases pending in courts for decades and ensure fair trial of prisoners who are yet to face trial even after lapse of more than 10 and 20 years.

Government has no magic wand to stop terror attack, no magic wand to stop painful price rise and no magic wand to stop corruption. Government has expressed its inability to bring back Black Money from Foreign banks. Government cannot give permission to start prosecution against corrupt politicians and corrupt top ranked officials against whom charges of corruption has been established and CBI or CVC have sought permission from Central Government long ago.

Government can use irrelevant deficiencies in papers related to 12 years old passport to trap and torture Associate of Ramdeo Baba and use order recovery of nine lacs from Kejriwal who left service 6 years ago. But government cannot recover money from defaulters of bank loans amounting to more than one lac crores, cannot recover dues from lacs of tax defaulters amounting to more than one lac crore rupees and cannot declare national assets to lacs of crores of rupees parked in foreign banks as Black money by unscrupulous politicians and officers..

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