Thursday, March 18, 2010

This is for Rahul Gandhi

It will be foolish to expect anything from political leaders, even if he may be Rahul Gandhi or anyone else. It is seen in last month, how the budget exercise completely forgot common men. Entire government is for rich people, rich businessmen who share their income with political leaders and help them to win various election at various levels.

Government is of the rich people, for the rich people and by the rich people. Common men are treated as beggar and given alms like Rs.5oo or Rs400 as old age pension ,or 750 as unemployment stipend or Rs100 daily for 100 days under NREGA or some food items that too rotten under PDS, or free rotten meal to child in schools. Common men are gifted with quota on caste basis which serves dual purpose. Firstly leaders gain sympathy of voters and secondly it divides the society and makes it easy for leaders to rule.

So far as middle class people earning upto Rs.5.00 lacs a year are concerned they have also been given little tax rebate to compensate partly what these people had to incur loss due to unprecedented price rise. Common man cannot dream of this relief because they are non-taxpayers. They have to suffer the pain of price rise.

Rahul has also done nothing for poor men. He has learnt the tact to befool common men and has become expert in gaining sympathy of common men. So far as the last election is concerned, it was not at all a victory of Congress party; it was division of votes among other parties. Muslim and some backward caste votes in particular left congress party and scattered in BSP or SP or other regional parties.

As such winning ability of a candidate or a party depends on not what he or the party has done for common men but what and how did he interact with them and what they spoke in election rally.

Even in government offices and departments, it is not important what an employee performs, but it is more important how he flatters to boss. A Boss is one who speaks better and not who performs better. Officer in charge of a Police station is promoted because he is in good book of his boss; he is not rejected because he could not serve the common men.

Common men are very innocent; they prefer suffering in pain of price rise or bear the brunt of corrupt, biased and inactive administration. They are swayed away by pied pipers turned politicians who play their flutes during their rally and public meetings. Rahul and Sonia and speakers of Congress parties and they are least bothered of sufferings of common men.

This is why person like Pranab Mukherjee and Sharad Pawar beg excuses from Nation that they cannot reduce price, they cannot take action against hoarders, profit makers, black marketers because these person are helping Congress Party leaders and the party in election.

What can a young leader like Rahul do is a million dollar question? Rahul may be termed at best as a vote mobiliser for Congress Party.

As long as system of flattery continues in our country, we cannot dream of good result from any political leaders or government officers.

Danendra jain
Ganaraj choumuhani
19th March 2010

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