Friday, March 26, 2010

Naxals and corruption

Government says that naxals and corruption are main hurdles in proper execution of schemes launched for poverty alleviation. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Finance Minister Mr. Pranab, Home Minister Mr. Chidambaram, Chief justice of India and many other powerful dignitaries of the country have accepted this bitter truth not once but on many occasions.

It is not possible for government to stop naxal activities and corruption until there is a will to do so. Congress party is in power for last six years and has remained in power for more than 40 out of 60 years. They are the main originator, perpetuator and irrigator of corruption system and they have no moral right to blame anyone for this unhappy and situation and for failure of schemes launched by government towards poverty alleviation.

It is ironical and ridiculous that government accepts the truth openly but shamelessly fails to stop the same. Practically no action has so far been taken during last two three decades to stop naxalites spreading their network. On the contrary most of the parties have used these naxalites and sought the support of naxalites to win the election in their area. Political parties do not hesitate to give ticket to even criminals to remain in power or to capture power from their rivals.

Similarly Congress party cannot remove corruption from the system because the survival and existence of the party depends on money power which they get from corrupt officers and traders. Officers similarly cannot survive in the system until he or she toe the line of corrupt politician.

Anyone who is not flatterer of his boss or his political mentor has to surrender and to lead a frustrated and miserable life. On the contrary if a person in any office becomes yes-man of dirty political leader or corrupt boss in his office, he or she has to get preferred treatment in posting and promotions. Such culture of flattery is the root cause of corrupt practices prevailing in each office of the country. Politicians and officers are blaming each other for their failure to achieve the dream goal of corruption and crime free society but in fact both are indulged in promoting dirty culture of corruption as also in promoting the network of naxalites by giving them financial and political support so that they may lead an undisturbed and peaceful family life and go on rising in their career path .None of them are really interested for the real welfare of poor or real elimination of naxals.
Danendra JAIN, ganaraj choumuhani Agartala 799001
27th March 2010

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