Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Union Bank of India

Is Female dominated by male in Indian society?

The society is dominated by money power and muscle power and not by male, might is right. Everyone worship who is powerful, gender is irrelevant. In the state of Tamilnadu Jayalalitha is worshipped like goddess. Mayawati is treated as Devi in UP. Indira was treated as India. Even Sonia is followed like Devi. Many Congress leaders are ready to touch her feet to get some good post, respectable birth in cabinet, get a ticket for election etc. Every male member loves his sister, wife, and mother more than his brother, father or anyone else. In many offices lady worker has played effective role. Bank like ICICI is headed by lady Kochar. Indian bank was headed by lady chairman who changed the fate of Indian bank. I therefore do not agree with the saying that lady in India is dominated by male member. There are several males who do not work, who are addict of bad habits, and who are totally incompetent try to dominate forcefully on female .they are few. It will not be an exaggeration if one say that in practice and in real life of a good family, male are dominated by female, not due to any pressure but due to mutual love and respect.

Why Indian depends on USA for all matters related to Pakistan? Can Indian alone not tackle Pakistan?.

This is the great weakness of Indian diplomacy. In the past India used to blindly support USSR and now blindly follow USA. Inspite of all India's image is good in International arena. Even USA considers India as a probable threat in future. USA uses Pakistan as a tool to weaken India to maintain dominance of USA. However India has built the capacity to teach Pakistan lesson and damage it if needed. But in war, loss occurs to both parties. Even Pakistan has developed substantial energy to spoil many parts of India. As such war is enemy of human being, causes loss to warring countries, more or less it may be, loss is loss. All efforts are therefore by peace loving country India to resolve the issue with dialogue or with pressure from super powers of the world as we all peace loving people in India use to do to resolve family or social disputes through dialogue and through intervention of some effective person of the area. . Indian people always condemn terrorism and naxalism. All religions advise for love and mutual respect.

Why people do not revolt against corruption?

There is no revolt against corrupt system because most of the people are corrupt. All are sitting in glass house. Who can dare throwing stone on others? Number of person not accepting or giving illegal money, gifts and favour of any kind are very limited and hence not powerful and not that much effective which can produce a wave of revolt against rampant corruption in the system. India needs person like Gandhi who shook the castle of British rule and gave India freedom. Jai Prakash Narayan tried to punish the corrupt public representative but failed to stop greedy followers who punctured his movement to serve their vested self interest. India needs person like Netaji Subhash Bose or Sardar Ballabh Bhai Patel. We have Manmohan and microscopically few other simple people full of honesty who follows Lady Sonia to safeguard his post or who prefer remaining a silent spectator of rape of democracy and prevalent corruption in Indian system. As such people have more or less accepted corrupt practices as normal practices. .

What should an employee do when he or she is harassed by his boss or CEO?

Days are gone when labour laws were respected by government. Now-a-days even labour offices, government departments, banks, insurance companies and all private companies are indulged in labour exploitation of labour. There is none to raise voice against it in the name of reformation. In near future we will reincarnation of socialism in some other name. Capitalism cannot last long. Gap between rich and poor is widening and as a result crime graph is going up and up, riches are indulged in profit making and hence price are going up and up. Ministers and officers, babus and even peons are indulged in earning illegal money. There is none to raise a voice against boss or CEO of any company who are forcing employees to work more than twelve hours a day and who have almost made the family life of employees miserable. Even if some voices are raised here and there, such people are isolated and shunted in critical and remote areas or removed from service. As such most of good workers have to lead a life in rejection, dejection, depression, frustration etc.

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